Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day before Race

Mike, Rachel, Morgan, and I went to Peterbrooke Chocolate in Jacksonville today. Oh My...YUMMMMM...we sampled the chocolate popcorn and the peppermint bark. Then, they had hot chocolate samples. Morgan was in heaven. We bought lots of stuff. In fact, the bill was more than our dinner at the steak place last night. YIKES!

Then, we went to the "swanky" St. John's Town Center mall. The girls got small Vera Bradly purses that they really liked. We did a little window shopping and headed back to the hotel. Then, we went to 1st Place Sports who sponsored the marathon. We picked up packets for Mark, Courtney, Travis, Lisa, and of course our own. Then, we shopped. I tried on these CW-X compression tights. It is supposed to be in the 30's at the race start and should get to the high 50's. Interesting. I have my long underwear that I used (with shorts on top) last year the few cold days that I ran, but these compression things seemed warm and like they might help my knee. I tried the long ones and the capri ones and couldn't decide what to wear. I finally bought both and figured I could return one. I tried them on for a while in the room and decided on the capri ones. The long ones gathered a bt behind the knee, and I thought that might make me crazy.

For dinner, we all went to Carraba's which is Holly and Jennifer's favorite pre-race meal. It was so good to see everyone, and especially I got to see Jim and to meet his friend Dana. She is super cool. Travis, Lisa, Courtney, and Mark all made it to dinner, and the rest of the Wesley Chapel Tri Team was there too. We had a huge table. Carmen, my RBFF, was there but we were on opposite ends of the table. :(

I had some dinner drama. I ordered Pasta Carraba's with sauce on the side. Holly and Jenn order it with no sauce, but I thougth I might want a little. The first one had sauce. The second one had pasta (COMPLETELTY plain) with a bowl of sauce, mushrooms, chicken, peas, etc. What????? I asked for the SAUCE on the side - not the whole dish! Yikes! I got a little Trixish on them, and the manager came. He fixed it and got me a new one. Whew. It was delicious once i got it, and the manager was really nice and cool about it all.

Back to the hotel to get ready for bed! BIG day tomorrow!

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