Saturday, December 25, 2010


We had a fabulous, simple Christmas this year. Since we are crusing as our present, we did very little on the Christmas front. We got a tiny 4 ft tree from Walgreens and 3 boxes of little ornaments - 15 minute tree. It was awesome!  We did put out some lights out front. Very low key...easy and quicky!

On Christmas Eve, we went to Orlando to eat a pre-Christmas meal with Melonie (in town from Boston), Mark, Heidi, Bailey, Sopie, and Mitchell (in from South Florida), and Alice and Marion. It was a really nice dinner at David's Restaurant at the Omni Hotel. Mark's clan was going to Universal. We thought we might make it to join them on Christmas, but we had higher aspirations than what happened. On the way back from Orlando, we stopped at a Methodist Church in Brandon. It was nice to get in a Christmas Eve service. It was not my favorite church, but it was still nice to go and I enjoyed it.

On Christmas, Morgan surprised us by waking up early. The past few years she has slept in. There were few presents so it was quick! Morgan got an American Girl dresser for her American Girl doll (it is being retired and it was the only piece of the set she didn't have), a jewelry stand, and a robe. She also got a coupon for sewing lessons that will start in January, and she got a coupon for some credit toward room decorating once we find a new house.

Mike got a new waller from Morgan and a heart that Morgan stitched I Love You on. I got a beautiful Brighton necklace and a heart with I Love You stitched on it. Very thoughtful and nice!

Uncle Mark gave Morgan a necklace that he bought from the Cure JM party! Double points - one for a great present and two for supporting Cure JM!

We received our present from Uncle Mike early - it was a Cisco Umi. It is a telepresence video conferencing unit that goes on top of your HD TV. It is like you have never seen before! After we opened presents, we got on Umi with Uncle Mike and Tracy. It was so nice to feel like we were in the same room! We really had an awesome time catching up and we were on there for about two hours. Umi is awesome. I took a video but then I realized that they were both in bathrobes. So, I will do a more detailed Umi review later. Howver, I will say that if you have family that lives far away, it is really awesome!

The rest of the day we finished packing. I thought I was actually ready, but not so much. Took a lot of the day.

We did laugh hysterically at this that came with Morgan's jewelry holder. It is "assembly instructions" but it came pre-assembled. It says, "You will see a whole piece Heart Jewelry Tree holder. please carefully put it on the smooth surface." Really? Put it on a smooth surface? That is all they could come up with? We are prety sure this could be on the show "Outsourced".

Merry Christmas ALL!

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