Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 3 - Supposed to be Cayman But Instead Had Day at Sea

Today, we got up early to our breakfast being delivered only to find out that we won't be stopping in Cayman after all. :( The water is too rough to tender in, so we are missing it and just going on to Roatan. The sad thing is that we made it all the way there just to not go. Mike and I were really sad as we wanted to show the kids the stingrays, and I was sad as I wanted a picture of my kids with the turtles like the one that Grams and Papa have of Mike, Mark, and I as kids. Oh well...not the end of the world. Although, Katie, in typical teen drama starts with the "we probably won't be able to go to any of the places..blah...blah...blah..." Man, teen girls are so dramatic. The hormones were high in the girls cabin. :)

We hung around for the morning, and then Morgan, Katie, Mike, and I went to lunch and then to bingo. Michael and Chris were off at the kids areas. I think they enjoyed the kids clubs more becuase they played a lot of video games, but Katie also liked Circle C. Morgan didn't like that they didn't do what was on the schedule and instead played too many video games. :)

Anyway, back to bingo. We bought 4 cards at $20 a piece - love that pricing on a cruise! We also bought 4 pull tab things that were a bust before bingo started. The bingo cards were for 10 games, and althougth we stood many times as having one number left nobody won. Bummer.

After the bingo, they had a "Be a game show star" trivia game. Mike allowed Morgan and I to sign him up (he was ok as long as it was trivia and not something embarrassing). To our surprise, he was the very first one called!!! There were three rounds, and Mike won round 1! He did very well! It was a lot of songs like the plop, plop, fizz, fizz commercial and the sound that opens the Bulls or Monday Night Foodball. Mike blew the other people away. He won a trophy! Way to go Mike!

We watched rounds 2 and 3 and laughed as the cruise director Weee Jimmy made lots of jokes about a slinky, about cracker jacks, and alka seltzer. In the final round, the winners from each round played each other. At one point, Mike was winning 900 to 400. Then, the middle guy started catching up. But, they accidentally gave him double points twice. Someone in the crowd noticed the two double points and we tried to tell them. However, the only fixed one of them. So it should have been 900 to 800 but it was 900 to 900. Mike missed a question that was Mony, Mony. This game is tight! Then, it was a disney movie so we knew Mike would get it. But #2 middle guy pressed the buzzer wayyy early and he got it. Bummer. We know Mike is the champion though. :) We bought the video so that we can enjoy it for years to come.

After the game show, we watched the Polar Express movie in the showroom. Morgan and I were disappointed that they didn't have popcorn like on Holland America. Bummer. However, the movie is always good and we had fun watching it. Mike and I did sneak out to go to the rum cake tasting before heading back. Yum!

We hung out for a bit before getting ready for dinner. It is soooooo nice to have a balcony, especially on the back. We love sitting out and watching the wake. It is calming and mesmorizing. So beautiful. 

 We went to the comedy show for kids before dinner. It was really good. He had three men come up from the audience and he had them turn into motown singers - two white guys and a black guy. He was hysterical with giving them wigs and songs to dance to.

Then, we went to dinner. Each night the waiters come and do a dance or a song. They did Amore! tonight and it was really cute. Reynauldo and Rubin are awesome! Rubin is quite the dancer and is entertaining to watch! Raynaldo is the clown of the two.

After dinner, the kids went to the Circle C club and Club O2 (older teens). Mike and I played craps for a while, but the table never got hot. He then played blackjack while I listened to the music guy. He was pretty good until the crazy girls started singing with him! It was a fun day on ship even though we didn't get to go to Cayman.

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