Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 2 - At Sea

Today, Katie wanted to get up early to primp for the Circle C. I convinced her to sleep in because most days we will have to get up early for shore excursions. We slept until 10. Heaven. Then, we went to breakfast on the lido deck. After breakfast, the girls went back to the room to shower and the boys wandered around the ship since they had already showered. Katie took the longest shower in the world, and I was afraid that there wouldn't be any water, or at least any hot water, left. Thankfully, there was. The girls finished and headed to Circle C, and I finally got into the shower around 12:30. The cabin steward had already knocked twice, so I knew I was needing to hurry. I straightened up the room, and got ready. Mike and Michael went to a cooking show. They got to watch them make a spinach salad, a beef dish, and a cheesecake. Then, they got to eat them. They were happy. I found Mike around 1:30, and we were going to a wine tasting at 2.

The wine tasting was a food and wine pairing. We did one on the Holland America cruise that we really liked, so we were game for another. It wasn't very crowded, and it started with a pitch for the Golden Fleece steak restaurant which is a $30 up charge for dinner. It worked and we signed up. Then, we tried five wines - one sparkling, one Riesling, one chardonnay, one red that I can't remember, and one Cabernet. I liked them all and loved to see how the food changed the taste. We had strawberries and orange marmalade with the sparkling, salmon unseasoned and then seasoned with the Riesling, salmon and a blueberry with the chardonnay, a cheese and steak with the red, and streak and cheese with the cab. Very Yummy. I also had a little buzz when we left. It was just right.

We met a couple from the DC area at the tasting, and the husband had to meet someone for something. So, the wine came with us for another drink After that, we needed pizza. Did I mention that the pizza is to die for? We had pizza and a little ice cream. Then, I needed a NAP! We took an hour or so nap and then it was time for formal night. We all got dressed and then went to see a comedian (PG how). He was good. You could tell he was struggling with the PG thing, but he did a good routine about little brothers and about greyhound buses.

Next, we went to dinner. I ran back to the room to get MoMo some Advil, and the cabin steward was there. I asked if he could remake our towel animal as he was messed up. So, he made us two (and the girls were happy). dinner was fantastic, and it was so much better without the boat tipping from one way to the next. I had shrimp and lobster and so did Mike and Morgan. Katie had prime rib, Michael had duck, and Chris had fish. I think everyone was happy with their choices. Carnival so far gets an F- in customizing plates (swap this side for that one or bring only the meat and no sides). The food is really good though once you have what you want. The deserts are out of this world. Our family is doing a biggest loser challenge starting Jan 4th, and we are going to need it after this week!!
After dinner, the kids went to Circle C and then Mike and I went to a comedy show. It was definitely R rated. It was hysterical! Then, I realized that I still had the girls room keys. Uh oh. So, e went to Circle C but they weren't there. We found them in Mike's room watching TV. We got changed into our PJ's and prepared for Grand Cayman. I got the tour money ready and our printout, packed the backpack, etc. Then, I typed out Day 1. Good night Day 2!

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