Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday in Atlanta

Today, we had meetings all day and went pretty late. We went to J. Alexander's for dinner. Man, I love that place. There is one in Tampa, but it is far from me and I don't usually go there much. There is also one near my parents, but they don't like it much so we don't end up going there. I absolutely love the Prime Rib sandwich with the pencil thin fries. OMG it was good. Russ tried it but said he wasn't expecting a "slab of meat on a roll." LOL...that is a pretty good description, but I like it. Plus, they have that incredible spinach dip that I could eat for my entire meal.

We hung out talking about life, work, and stuff. I was pretty tired and happily climbed into my Hilton bed. I am seriously thinking about buying one of those Hilton beds.

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