Sunday, January 27, 2008

Double 1st Place!

Morgan's Mini and Youth cheer teams competed at Jamfest today in Tampa. The Florida Wildcats were rocking the house and started the day with 4 first place victories!!!!!!!! The juniors, who are usually the BOMB, had a rough day and got 3rd. I am not sure how the seniors did because sickly Morgan was ready to go home (and so was Mom).

Mike went and picked up Katie so that she could watch Morgan's cheer competition. For some reason, Dana thinks cheerleading is awful, and she was giving Mike a hard time about Katie going. She said that she didn't want Katie to be exposed to cheerleading as they "go around naked with too much make-up." I totally don't understand this. For one thing, Katie does Baton, and they walk around in a leotard only which shows much more to me than Morgan's cheer outfit. It is a short skirt I guess, but they were bloomer shorts under it. It does show some belly, but it is definitely less than a bikini which Dana seems to be fine with. Hmmm...Morgan exercises 13 hours a week by tumbling, stunting, dancing, and running. How exactly is that bad? Maybe she missed that lesson that says that people should exercise?

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