Friday, January 4, 2008

TGIF and Bowling

Woo Hoo! Friday! For a short week, I was very happy to see Friday. :) Work was very busy. Managing client expectations is difficult but I think we have made a ton of progress in the year. I am excited about 2008 and all it will bring. Remember the motto is Looking Great in 08!

After work, I went to happy hour (Morgan is still with Grams and Papa). It was so nice to be able to hang with friends. With my new choices, I did a fabulous job of moderation. I had 3 drinks all night (Bacardi and Diet coke - 2 points). We went bowling after happy hour. I hadn't been bowling in YEARS. We wanted Abhijeet to get to go since he had played it on the wii but not in real life. We bowled three games, and I won 2 of the 3. I am pretty sure Mike wishes he could go back to the day where he picked on my Wii bowling score to tell me that it wasn't really a good score in real bowling and how he kept telling me I needed a reality dose. He did beat me in the last game though by 16 pins. My high score (a whopping 123) was higher than his high score (119), so I am declaring myself the champion. :) I think Abhijeet had fun, Tony had fun, Mike had fun, and we even met a very cool couple who just moved here from Georgia. John from their group bowled EIGHT (yes, that is 8) strikes in a row!!!!!!!!! Amazing. Now, that my friends is a great score in real life bowling!

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