Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fever, Bucket List

On Friday, Morgan called me at work from the gym and said that her head was hurting really badly and wanted me to come get her. Since this was an extra practice before the competition on Sunday, I wasn't sure what to do. So, I went to the gym, and Morgan said she could make it. So, I wasn't that worried. Then, she didn't seem to be feeling well that night, but it was too late to go to an urgent care. Saturday morning, she was pitiful. Off to the doctor we went. Even after Advil and drinking cold gatorade, her fever was still 102.

The doctor gave her a shot of Rocephin (even though she didn't think a BOY should give her a shot). :) She got Amoxicillan and some cough syrup. Of course, the cheer competition is tomorrow. The boys wanted to see a movie, and it seemed like a good calm activity for Morgan. So, off we went to the Bucket List. It was a great movie. I really liked the ideas behind it, the humor, the depth of the relationship. It was very good. Morgan, however, was not so fond of it. :)During the movie, my phone rang, and I was shocked as I had turned the ringer off. Sometimes, the change to my volume doesn't work if you close the phone too quickly after you change it. I guess that is what happened. Anyway, I am frantically tyring to get "Low" to stop playing in the movie. I don't even think anything of it until we are on the way home. I call Denise back, and she reminds me that I was supposed to be at her house 30 minutes before to go to a party. OOPS. So, Mike drops me off at her house, and I go to the "girls" party. The person doing the party didn't show up though, so we just hung out. It was still fun.

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