Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nice Saturday

Wow, today was a great day. Slept in until 10, only had kidney stone issues for a short portion of the day, went for a walk/run, ate some flex points, watched play-off games, watched Morgan play with some friends. Ahh....Saturday. What a glorious day. My favorite day of the week.

I was just reading Roni's Weight Watchen pages (I was a little behind), and I noticed that she is having a contest that involves my favorite popcorn! I guess I missed it for January, but it says they are doing it monthly so I hope this counts. So, I have already written about how fantastic the Buttery Salt and Black Pepper popcorn by Orville Redenbacher is, so I guess I just have to link to Roni's site and to Orville's site. I really like Roni's site.

I did make it 3.1 miles again today, and I shaved 1 minute off my total time this week - still a snail but getting faster. I really like the bimactive program on my cell. It gives me encouragement every quarter of a mile. :) I love seeing the analysis of it after the run. :) Very inspirational. It even shows graphs of your speed over time, and it keeps a running odometer for the week, month, and year by activity! I honestly need to get a move on as I only have 6.2 miles walk/running and 3.1 biking. I don't have swimming there as my phone can't go in the water.

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