Sunday, January 20, 2008

Teeth and Online Games

It has been an interesting few days. First, Morgan had one of her 12 year molars come in 2.5 years early. It came in before the first molar next to it. It came in on top of her poor baby tooth who was not ready to leave yet. The baby tooth still had at least one full root, but one side did not have a root. So, the adult tooth was coming in and turning because it was pushing on the baby tooth. Her dentist pulled it, and then said that it looked like it was starting to get infected. ICK. Poor Morgan. For some reason, they had to give her a ton of anesthesia. It just didn't want to get numb. Her dentist doesn't use gas. I was surprised. I have always thought the gas makes it so much better, especially for kids. She said that kids don't breath deeply enough for it to really help.

The visit reminded me of when I had a loose tooth as a child. While I did have some teeth that had to be pulled due to overcrowding, on one visit, I just had a loose tooth that I wanted to get rid of (maybe I wanted the tooth fairy money or something). Anyway, I asked the dentist to pull it. So, he used gas and pulled it, and then they gave my mom a bill. Let's just say that Grams was NOT happy.

I also found out on Friday that I am apparently blocked from sending emails to people at Misys. For some reason, this just cracks me up. Of course, I usually wouldn't email anyone there anyway as I would use personal email or IM to keep in touch. In this case, there was a super bowl pool going, and I just replied to the email with my number preferences. However, the email didn't make it. So, I tried again several days later (not realizing the issue), and it still didn't make it. So, I sent my preferences using IM laughing hysterically. I don't know why I think it is so funny, but I do. I guess it is just funny that someone actually took the time to block the address. :)

I am continually amazed at the Webkinz and Club Penguin games. How many Webkinz does a child really need? Morgan and Katie are constantly getting more of them whenever they have money (most Christmas money they got has gone to buying more of them). My children spend tons of money on these things and seem to never tire of them. Now, they are all into Virtual Villager as well. It is a game where children are all alone with no parents, and you build a society. You train people for jobs such as a healer or a teacher, and they mate and have more children. You grow food and get technology points. The kids love it. We got it at Target. Now, Morgan wants a cheerleading game. Does anyone know of a good one?

The kids are out of school tomorrow for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Lovely. My friend Lisa sent me this link. I think these are hysterical and should be a required present for anyone getting a divorce!