Sunday, January 13, 2008

Skating Sunday

Morgan's friend Alexis had a birthday party at a skating rink today. I have only been skating once since Jr. High and yesterday. Mara convinced me to skate, and I am SO glad that she did. I had a blast! I think I went around more times than Morgan. I figured it was good exercise, and it was fun (I am still surprised). I did fall twice. Once, I was getting up from a bench, and my feet went out from under me. I bounced on the bench and then landed on the floor. Morgan thought that was hysterical. She was laughing about it all day. The other time, my skate kind of stuck to something on the floor, and I didn't recover fast enough. I fell on my knees. Ouch. I am definitely going to feel that tomorrow! According to my Polar watch, I burned 576 calories skating though. WOO HOO!

I was so bummed that my boy Peyton lost. If the Titans and Tampa weren't in it, then I wanted Peyton to at least make it. Now, I am at a complete loss (the other Manning went to Ole Miss which makes it against my biological history to cheer for).

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