Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to everyone! We had a fantastic time in Nashville with the kids and my parents. Grams and Papa ROCK!! We flew out early in the morning of the 26th, and we quickly adapted to "Grams World" which entitles you to desert after lunch! (Chris was amazed at desert after lunch!). We had taco soup, honey baked ham, Ho Ho Pie (Uncle Mark's fav - sorry Mark!), and peanut butter/chocolate fudge (Amy's personal fav). We had a great time playing with the Wii. Thursday, Mike went to visit a client, and we all went to see the Parthenon in Nashville (Athens of the South) and drove around downtown. We were trying to decide whether to continue driving, and Chris said, "We can always look it up on Google Earth which is just as good." The Parthenon is amazing to see, and I hadn't been there in a long time. The Athena statue inside was pretty amazing. It is 41 feet tall! On Friday, we made Christmas cookies and saw a movie (the girls saw Water Horse and the boys saw I am Legend). Water Horse was really cute. That night, we went to dinner at a Mexican place.

Saturday, we hung out, played Wii, and had a great time. Mississippi State played UCF anbd won!! Woo Hoo! Go SEC! Sunday, we all went to Opryland Hotel to view the Christmas decorations. Well, that was the goal anyway. The boys wanted to go see Ice (thankfully I didn't go as even Mike was cold in there!). While Mike, Chris, and Michael went to see Ice, Grams, Papa, Morgan, Katie, and I went to the mall. The girls were drawn to every webkinz and little kinz that was in the mall, and their Christmas money was burning holes in their pockets. Grams bought them one webkinz (they were only 12.99 for a Big kinz and 9.99 for a Little Kinz which is a DEAL), but they then proceeded to get many more. We finally convinced them to stop buying them. After arriving home, Mike, Chris, and I went to Best Buy with a detour through Macy's (poor Chris was so patient in getting to Best Buy). We found TravelPro suitcases for $59 AND we had a coupon for 15% off! What a deal.

Monday, Mike drove the kids to Dalton where their uncle picked them up. Morgan, Grams, and I went shopping. :) Then, my first boss called, and I went to see him. It was wonderful to catch up with him and to see his wife and son. He was a great mentor to me and certainly kept me out of a lot of trouble. That night, we went to dinner at Pie in the Sky Pizza. I love pizza. Then, Mike and I went downtown for New Year's Eve. We planned to go to Tootsie's, but you had to have a reservation before 10. So, we went to Legend's. The band was fun, and I was amazed that it was non-smoking. Apparently, Tennessee passed a non-smoking ordinance, but then they left it optional (seems like it was already optional so that seems weird). Anyway, Legend's is now smoke-free. Odd. The Kentucky fans were there after the game, and they kept saying C-A-T-S, Cats, Cats, Cats as a cheer. It was cute, but the bands didn't play Rocky Top like they usually do because the Kentucky people were booing. I did meet a couple from Land O Lakes. Too funny.

Mike and I were about to leave, and my friend Street called. We love Street, and it was so great to see him and Breezy. We went back to Tootsie's. Finally, we left and had to do the traditional drive through White Castle on the way home. Unfortunately, I apparently had too much to drink and was hungover ALLLLLLLLL day on Tuesday. I also didn't realize that the Outback Bowl started at 10 Central instead of 11, so I was showering when it began. My Vols pulled it out (FINALLY won a bowl game again) and did their part for the SEC (7-2 so far proving that the SEC is best). I barely survived enough to watch the first half of the Georgia-Hawaii game (man did Georgia dominate that one - SEC, SEC, SEC!).

Wednesday was a good day back at work. Mike and I watched Biggest Loser. I felt bad for the girl in the green team. Her dad didn't want to be there, and she did. She worked SO hard, but she had the lowest weight loss of the girls. I don't like the purple girls. They are annoying, so I would rather them go home. Mike and I tried the new Zumba CD's I got for Christmas. I really like it! It will take me a while to get all of the moves down, but most of it is pretty straightforward. I gained 3 pounds in Nashville, but I lost it all already in 1 day - must have been mainly water. I think I am finally over my chest cold, so hopefully I can get back into my running this week.

Happy New Year - Looking Great in 08!

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  1. Fun! I am still fighting the two lbs that I added over the holidays. NOT water weight. Hopefully they'll be gone by Tuesday's (the first one in THREE weeks) weigh-in...otherwise, I am jumpstarting it again with 2 weeks on core; which I am absolutely dreading.

    Miss you!