Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hurricane Anyone?

The past few days have had me laughing a lot (of course, I have also been screaming a lot at work so maybe it all balances out). We are undergoing some process changes at work to work more efficiently together and to provide better customer service. Of course, with all changes, there is an adjustment period. "Hurricane Amy" has come through several times lately, but I think we are improving. :)

Mike was a sweetie and got me a "Volunteer Parking" sign to hang in the garage where I park my car. He also got a Vol lightswitch cover. To top that, he even bought my brother Mark the same thing in University of Georgia flavor. Anyway, he was holding up the lightswitch in the Tennessee bathroom (yes, I have an orange colored Tennessee bathroom and love it!), and he realized that the switch in there has two switches and the plate only has one. So, he asked if I would want to hang it near the kitchen. I was surprised, so I said, "Are you sure you would want it where it is so visable?" Mike said, "Orange is the new white. I am so used to orange that I don't even notice it any more." I thought that was so funny. The things spouses get used to being around. :)

Another thing that is funny to me is that Mike and I are silly about certain things, and I think it is all because we have been divorced before. For example, we still pack our Christmas ornaments in different boxes. It cracks me up. I still remember dividing up the Christmas ornaments and how painful that was. We also still have our own silverware container. Now, this one is probably because we have a lot of silverware, and we have started to co-mingle it a bit lately. We have our own bank accounts and deposit money into a joint account to pay bills, groceries, and joint things. Kind of funny when I think of it just because I think it is so different than when you get married the first time.

Yesterday, we were watching the Florida primary results, and Morgan saw the results on the screen. Of course, she didn't really understand what was going on. She saw that Hillary Clinton was winning by a lot, and she got this panicked look on her face. I thought she was going to cry as she said, "Oh no Mom, does that mean that Hillary Clinton is now the president?" I couldn't help but laugh as she is definitely my daughter! :) I explained to her that hopefully this will not be indicative of the results in November. :) It made me laugh about when she told her first grade friends that they should get their parents to vote for Bush because voting for Kerry meant less toys for the kids. We had talked about the election the night before, and I had tried to explain that I thought our taxes would go up if Kerry was elected. She asked what that meant, and I told her that higher taxes meant less money in my paycheck. So, she told her friends that he would mean less toys for kids. Her teacher was not amused. :)

My mom is coming into town tomorrow to take care of Morgan while Mike and I go to Mardi Gras. Mike has never been to MG, and I haven't been in years and years. I was laughing recently because Morgan wanted to know why I was cleaning up the house before my mom came to visit. She said that she doesn't clean up for me. HA. I told her that maybe she should try it sometime. :)

I will try to do some mobile posts from Mardi Gras. I have been thinking about the last time I went to MG when we had a bunch of people all stay in one hotel room. I remember how beads were almost like money. I met a judge last time when I went, and he said that he and his wife and girls (probably my age or older) go every year. He said that he sees all of that crazy stuff in the court room all year long, and he goes to Mardi Gras to let it all go. :) I remember leaving the hotel with 20 people holding on to each other, and then realizing that a short block or two along that we were no longer together. I remember a friend of mine sitting down to talk to some homeless people, and we tried to convince him not to stay there alone. He didn't listen, and he ended up getting robbed. I also think of my grandfather, Paw-Paw, who celebrated his 90th birthday in New Orleans. We ate at Commander's Palace, and he wore a chef's hat that he adored. Ahhh....New Orleans. I am excited about going again. I can't wait to see what Mike thinks. I also can't wait to have a hurricane. It appears that each one is about 6 points. However, I think my flex points will probably be gone by Friday at midnight. So, I will just have to enjoy it and get right back on track when I return.

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