Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Funniest Divorce Story EVER

While we were out with a perspective client, this one person tells the best story ever. Basically, her ex-husband had his leg amputated, and he had an artificial leg. He usually had a spare, and a friend of theirs painted SF 49's on it because she was a huge 49's fan. He wasn't so much, but he want along with it for her. Each year, they went to New Orleans to see the 49's play the Saints. One year, they are there, and the husband has on the leg that has the SF 49's painted on it. She says, "honey, take off your leg. They are giving autographs." He actually hands her the leg, and the players actually sign it. Now, the story is pretty good even until now. But it gets better. When they get a divorce, she gets the leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He didn't really like the 49's, so she got the leg.

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