Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday at Camp

Monday morning, the bell rang at 7:45. The bell is right next to the infirmary, so I always hear it. That is good. It isn't like my alarm clock that I can turn up. The LIT's (Leaders in Trainng) come and fill my water cooler with ice water so that the kids have good cold water to take their medss with and take my trash out first thing in the morning. I know that I have to get up immediately and unlock the door, so it gets me going.

Then, I get dressed and get ready for the day and prepare all of the meds for the campers for the before breakfast meds. I sweep the porch (and more if there is time). The campers come down the hill cabin by cabin, and it takes me back to when I was a camper here. It was always so fun to walk together as a group singing cabin songs.

After breakfast, there are 3 classes. I do cabin inspections during the first class. My mom thinks this is hysterical. I rate each cabin on how well they sweep the pavement, clean the showers and toilets, clean the bathroom floor, sweep the stairs and floor in the cabin, pick up their clothes, and sweep under the beds. The winner gets the Golden Dustpan. Today, waoka got it.

After the 3 classes, the kids go back to their cabins for about 30 minutes before lunch. I get the lunch meds ready at this time. Today lunch was ham or turkey sandwiches. After lunch is my favorite time -Rest hour. It is quiet and still and wonderful. I think we should get rest hour at work. :)

After rest hour is free swim and then free time (or the opposite for the older girls). Today, they did a swim test to see who is allowed in the deep parts of the lake. After free time, I get the dinner meds ready, and then they go to dinner.

After dinner, the older girls went to the mud pit, and the younger girls played an underground railroad game. There was a jail and a safe place. There were angels who could free the people in jail. If you were in jail, you got sprayed with water. If you sat down in a group of at least 2, then the counselors couldn't tag you. Only one person was told where the safe place was, and you could only tell one person. The idea was for this information to slowly get through all of the people. It went pretty slowly until one girl yelled it out. :)

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