Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday at Camp

Another great day in the mountains. The bell woke me sharply at 7:45 (did I mention that it is loud)? Now that Mike is a maintenance man instead of a cook, he stays in bed after the bell. When he was a cook, he had to be up early. He put new screens on two doors and one window yesterday, and he also fixed my latch on my medicine cabinet. Today, he is replacing more screens. He said that these had been there for a while. So, the LITs came and filled up my cooler and took out my trash. I didn't have any kids forget to take their medicine for the breakfast meal, so that was nice. If they forget, then I have to go chase them down in the dining hall. Breakfast was cereal, and you got to pick your kind. I had Lucky Charms. YUM. I hadn't had those in years.

I ended up being in the infirmary most of the morning because I had a steady trickle of kids. When I did the inspections, I was in complete shock over Wahi (the cabin Morgan is in). It was SPOTLESS. I don't think a professional crew could have made it look better. I was truly amazed, especially since Morgan, also known as the mess creator, is in that cabin. I asked the counselors what they did to get them to get it that clean, and they said that the kids wake up early at 7 to clean and get this...MORGAN is leading the pack!!!! Whoaaaaaa..... I had to sit down after that one. :) For some reason, Katie, who is much neater than Morgan, has a messy cabin. They aren't worthy of the dirty sock, but it hasn't looked very good any of the days. As I was doing inspections, I heard that there was a copperhead in the lake. Lovely. They chopped its head off. As I was walking to Opa, I heard this noise beside me. I look over, and Lena the pregnant pig is digging in the dirt. Too funny. She scared me to death. She is supposed to have her piglets next week. I so wish it would be while we are here. The girls would love it.

I read my book a lot in the morning. I am reading Phantom Prey by John Stanford. So far, it is pretty good. I have read all of the Lucas Davenport books in the series.

For lunch, we had chicken sandwiches. They weren't Chick Fil A, but they were pretty good. After lunch, it was rest time. I decided that I needed to catch up on my blog, so I worked on that. Right before free swim, a girl came in and had been stung by a scorpion. I didn't know that a there were "Georgia scorpions" that have a sting like a bee. It scared me when they carried her in, but a quick google told me that they weren't poisonous. At free swim, I went down and watched for a while. I got a video of Morgan getting blobbed. Then, I blobbed and dove on the board and flipped off the platform. I am still sore from Tuesday, so I didn't do too much after that. Morgan took a video of me.:)

Dinner was hot dogs, and it was camp out night. When I was a camper here, we actually camped out.Now, they get a choice of camping out or sleeping in the pavilion. If they stay in the pavilion, they get to watch a movie. Last night, it was Finding Nemo. Before they sleep out though, they have a campfire, sing song, and this year they had Indian leg wrestling competitions between the counselors. The kids cheered on their counselors. Then, marshmallows were roasted and smores were made.

I had a group of girls who needed to take night meds or needed band-aids and such, so I went back to the infirmary. About an hour or so later, it started thundering and lightening. Mike and I looked up the storm on the weather channel, and it looked like we were going to get a lot. We hung out on the porch (it is screened in) for a while listening to the rain (and laughing a little at the lightening and then the immediate screams from the pavilion. Of course, it hasn't rained in forever, but it had to rain during the camp out. I love sleeping in the rain though - especially in a cabin. However, Mike had the fan blowing directly on us and I got pretty cold. All in all, another fantastic day.

Here is Katie diving from the top platform.

Morgan getting blobbed

Mike blobbing a counselor

Me diving (inward dive)

Me diving (back dive)

Me doing a back flip off of the top platform


  1. This looks like so much fun! Were you a diver in school? You rock!

    I love the blobbing, too. Glad the whole family is having so much fun!