Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday at Camp (Opening Day)

Morgan's bunk bed

We didn't get up until almost 9. There was no bell. hmmm... no breakfast either...hmmm...Morgan suggests McDonald's.

We went into Clarksville for McDonald’s breakfast (Morgan’s request), and then we went to Rite Aid for some supplied (popsicles, tweezers, band-aids). We went to lunch at the boys camp, but we didn’t eat cause we were full. We got Michael and Chris dropped off, and we went back to the girls’ camp. Before camp started, Katie and Morgan found a copperhead snake right outside of the infirmary. Lovely. The counselors chopped its head off. Nice.

The spot of the snake
About 30% of the campers have medicine they take every day. WOW. Joanie, a nurse wh0 helps the first day 0f each session, came and helped me get all of the meds captured. She has a great system that helps give out the meds. Basically, you put a piece of paper for each kid and then put a paper medicine cup on top of it with the child's name on the bottom. Then, you have the kids come take them and flip the cup back upside down. At a glance, you can easily see who has taken meds and who hasn't.

The cabins here are two story. The first floor is the bathroom, and then upstairs there is a counselor area and a camper area.

In each cabin, they put a sign up for each year that lists all of the campers for the summer. I have found my name on three signs.

Keego 1982

Zonta 1983

OPA 1984

We had chicken fingers for dinner. YUM...and I didn't even have to cook them. Love it. Didn't even have to go through a drive through or microwave. Love it.

After dinner, the cabins dressed in cabin colors and made a human knot. They then did some worship and taked about goals for the week. Then, it was lights out!

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