Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday at Camp

Today was another great day at camp. I cannot believe that we only have ONE more day. I am so sad. I love it here, and I would really love to spend the entire summer here. I have been thinking a lot about how much this place has impacted all of our lives. As a child, I really learned here and grew as a person. I think camp provides you enough freedom to learn independence, but it also has enough supervision to keep you out of trouble. Additionally, you get to conquer some fears (jumping from heights, hearing ghost stories, sleeping outside/sleeping in the dark), and you get to learn some new skills (horseback, swimming, diving, nature study, archery, riflery, etc). You might even make lifetime friends or at least learn how to make new friends and deal with annoying people too. :) I do think a week is really too short. Camp should be at least 2 weeks. It seems like everyone is just getting into the swing of things and then it is time to go home. Also, Camp Chattooga is deeply rooted in Christ. I love that my daughter and step-children are getting great exposure to not 0nly the lessons, but they are also getting exposed to some great role models.
So, this morning began again with that very loud bell dragging me out of a deep sleep. As I was getting the morning meds together, I heard two girls going to the dining hall. One said that they were safe in the pavillion the night before even though it was storming. The other girl said, "We weren't that safe. That building was made with 80 year old wood!!" I cracked up. It is funny because people don't realize I am up here, so they just say all kinds of things as they walk by. As I walked up to the dining hall, I snapped this picture. See all of the steps on the hill? I go up 68 steps to go to the dining hall. :) I figure that has to burn off at least one cup of sweet tea.
This is the path down to the pavilion and lake from the dining hall. I love this view. This is a major flashback for me from childhood.

This is a view of the dining hall from the second staff table. I call it the children's table because the director and assistant directors all eat at the other one. This table has some hilaarious conversations as most of the people at the table are in high school - and there there is Mike.

Today was a relaxing day. Not many kids coming in. We couldn't play at free time because the LITs were taking their swim test for lifeguarding. At lunch, they had ravioli and grilled cheese. Morgan asked for PB&J because she doesn't like either. She had to eat 2 bites of each before getting the sandwich. She cried but she finally ate them and the sandwich.

I thought this was hysterical when they pulled up, and I didn't even know why there was a bear. I especially liked the guy in yellow's outfit. I later found out that the bear comes from a story about a girl counselor who called her boyfriend at the boys' camp and said there was a bear. Apparently, she just wanted the boy to come over to see her and there really was no bear.

Mike went to Walmart to get some infirmary supplies (man we go through some band-aids and ice packs here). He was also asked by Morgan to see if they had any hawaaiin stuff for the dance. Not onlly did he find a grass skirt, but he also found bubble makers and a hat for himself.

Morgan and her friend Emma. Delaney let her borrow the lai.

Morgan and Katie at the dance.

The balls flying at the dance.

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