Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday - Arrival at Camp Chattooga

The lake at camp

I arrived in the North Georgia mountains late Friday night. I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express in Cornelia for about 6 hours. $10 an hour for sleep. Not bad. I woke up and drove the remaining 35 minutes to camp and picked Morgan up. I checked in with the camp nurse from the previous week, and she told me about the broken arm and the many scrapes from the mud pit. The Gorge requires a more treacherous path now than in years past because the man who owns that part of the land had trouble with some people going down into the gorge. So, now, it is much harder and longer. Bummer.

Morgan and I went to Helen, GA and walked around the little shops. We ate at Huddle House, and it took FOREVER only to get the wrong order. Bummer. We had a blast looking at the little stores , and we went into the Hansel and Gretel Candy Store twice. :) I remember going there as a kid when we would go to Helen for our day trip. We used to get $5 to spend in the store.
Mike, Chris, Katie, and Michael met us in Helen. We went tubing and had a great time. When we went over one of the waterfalls, Morgan was completely dumped out of her tube. It was hysterical. Morgan, Katie, and I went down together. We olnly got stuck once. Mike and Michael went together (we had to split off because 5 people was way too many and Michael and Katie were fighting). When we got to the end, the kids didn’t want to get out of the water. We went to eat at a restaurant in Helen. It was a little German and Italian place. I ordered some ravioli as an appetizer because were were all pretty hungry. As I am ordering it, I realize that Morgan, Michael, and Katiee won't eat it. So, I also order chips and salsa. When the chips and salsa come, Michael says, "Yum, I am going to eat these German chips." Mike and I cracked up.

We got back to camp around 5:30 or so. We cleaned up, unpacked, etc. Chris says, "Oh yeah, this place doesn't have air conditioning." that was funny.

Outside of the Infirmary

The cute mat in the infirmary

The kitchen in the infirmary

Of course, Morgan, Katie, and Michael went exploring, and we couldn't find them. We were relieved when we found out they went to the lodge. Mike and Chris were looking in the woodss for them. We managed to survive the night even though it was musical beds. Katie ended up in Morgan’s bed which caused Morgan to come into our bed. This made Chris go into Katie’s bed. Fun, Fun..

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