Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The 23 hour trip

Tuesday, I go to Arizona for a demo with Travis and Miguel. I am not sure exactly why I am going, but they keep saying they need me for questions. So, Travis, Miguel, and I meet at the office. We leave for the airport around 10:20 for an 11:30 flight. Of course, Travis insists on parking on the 2nd level of Long Term parking instead of in the economy lot (or any other floor higher than the 2nd floor). He then realizes that we don't have boarding passes printed, and for some reason that throws a kink in the path we have to walk. So, Travis is mad now and is walking 100 miles an hour with his long legs, and my legs are only going 10 miles an hour. I finally catch Travis and realize that he has raced to the wrong airline counter. We are on Continential and he is trying to get the kiosk at Delta to check us in. :) So, we race to the Continental counter and start to check in on the kiosk. Uh oh...what does that say? It says we can't check in because it is too close to departure time. We start to panic, but we go to an agent. She says that it is only too late if we are checking bags. Travis and I work on a presentation on the flight to Houston. We eat in Houston and then get on the plane to Phoenix.

When we leave the airport, we have to check to see if we stepped outside or into a sauna. Holy crap it is hot in Arizona. Florida is hot but it doesn't even touch on the same level as Arizona. We get a cab and head to the demo. After the demo at 9:45 (almost 1:00am Florida time), we cab it back to the airport. We get through security and then realize that there is no restaurant open. Ugh....At least there was a crown room, so we go there and get some much needed alcohol and some snacks. We fly to Atlanta and arrive at 6:00am. Unfortunately, I couldn't get comfortable for half of the 3 and half hour flight, so I am a zombie. We have an hour and a half in Atlanta and arrive in Tampa around 9. So, almost 23 hours later, we arrive. What a trip! At least I was smart enough to bring a t-shirt and shorts in my briefcase. Travis and Miguel are in the same suits.... YUCK. :) Wonder when I am going to get invitations to Morgan's party done, clean the house, get presents, cake, balloons, etc? Not now...need sleep, need sleep, need sleep...

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