Monday, August 20, 2007

First week of school - 4th Grade!

When we got back from Cocoa Beach, I realized that we should probably go get the school supplies the school so kindly added to their website. Since we missed the meet the teacher day, we just have to wing it. So, we print off the list and head to Target. Sold out of composition notbooks and folders with prongs. We go to Wal-Mart. Sold out of composition notebook and folders with prongs. Morgan buys a fish (tiny fish and tiny tank) with her money. Lovely. Go to Walgreens. Also sold out of notebooks and folders with prongs. Woo Hoo...this rocks. I love driving all over town looking for school supplies.

First day of school - Have I mentioned that school starts at 9:45? Let me repeat that - 9:45!!!! So, we leave the house at 9 to make sure we are there plenty early, and the street the school is on is already PACKED. We finally part only 3 miles away (ok, ok, probably a half of a mile) and walk in the 150 degree heat (ok, ok, only 95) into the school. This man (he must be the new principle) says that we can't go to the classrooms until 9:35. Lovely. I think, we should go ahead into the office and get the bus pass ordeal over with now and get some of those car pick-up signs. So, we get in the line which is long but not too awful. We get 3 car pick-up signs after the lady is not so sure she wants to give me three. "Three? I will need to ask if I can give you three." I say, "Three different people could pick her up." Finally, after conferring with two other office people, they decide that I can have three. Then, comes the bus fun. Since Morgan is in the gifted class, she goes to this elementary school even though we are zoned for a different school this year (I was so sad too because they are putting the ENTIRE new school into portables behind another school until DECEMBER while the new school is being built). Anyway, back to bus, she can ride a bus but it is a little more complicated because it isn't just the neighborhood bus. So, I know that I am in for a complicated poke my eyes out conversation. So, after repeating my address 113 times, she finally says I have to talk to the next lady over. Her line has about 30 poeple in it. DAMN. So, I ask if she can give her the information while I walk Morgan to her class (see, I am good at multi-tasking).

We arrive at the portable classroom where Morgan will spend a lot of time. I guess she is just destined to be in a portable this year. Her teacher seems nice and actually lets them pick where they sit until they do something that makes her change her mind. Morgan thinks this is cool. As I start unloading the $5,000 of school supplies we did find, she says, "Oh, I didn't really want you to buy anything yet. I will let you know what we need." UGH...well, at least she is ok on not having the composition notebook and the notebooks with prongs. Morgan warned me on the way into the class to "Not embarass her" so I give her a quick hug and kiss and leave. I find my way back to bus hell thinking surely it is over by now and I can just pick up the pass and leave. HA HA HA HA. The line now has at least 100 people in it. I try to ask about my pass, but there is a man with 6 kids in front of me taking up a lot of time. Finally, the lady says she will call me with the information.

After work, I go to the gym to get Morgan. She is glowing. School was great. She loves her teacher. All is good with the world. I would give just about anything to see that joy coming from her face. Being a mother can be so amazing (when you don't want wring their necks)...:) I still can't believe that she is in FOURTH GRADE!!!!!!!

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