Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Referral Department Whatever!

So, I decide to pay the primary care physician's "referral department" a visit. Of course, the "person" (what a department) is not available. Surprise, surprise. So, I basically make an ass of myself in the office and tell them how much I do not appreciate how they have acted so far and that we have had no assistance from them to date. I decide that I can get the test scheduled without the primary care doctor. So, I call the insurance to get it authorized. They say that pre-authorization is not required. I call the testing center and make an appointment. They say they have an appointment tomorrow at 9am. I call the doctor's office and tell them that I need the prescription because I have already gotten an appointment and gotten it approved. They try to give me this "it normally takes 5 days to get authorization" stuff, and I tell them that no authorization was needed. They say, "Well, we had better verify that." I tell them they can verify whatever they want but that I need a prescription because the test is scheduled for the next morning. They assure me that it will be faxed. At 4pm, the testing center calls and says that they still do not have the prescription. UGH...I hate this office by now. I am so furious. Mike calls them and they finally get the prescription done. Wow, how hard can it be.

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