Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cocoa Beach

Much to the disbelief of Travis, I got a ton of work done at Cocoa Beach. Saturday night, we got to have dinner at my favorite Mexican place with Grams and Uncle Mark. It was so good to see Mom one more time before she left. We had a great time and laughed a lot. We actually left around 10:30 in the morning, and arrived around 1:00. We got unit 501, and it was nice. The kids were ooohhhing and ahhhhing over the 42" Plasma screen TV. It is a 2 bedroom condo, and the girls slept in the room with twin beds and Michael took the sleep sofa. Michael brought his Nintendo game where you play the guitar in songs like "I love Rock and Roll." It was a lot of fun. On Sunday, we settled in, went to the pool, and just relaxed. We ate sandwiches and frozen

On Monday, I worked while Mike and the kids went to the pool. Morgan and Katie painted ceramics and got their hair beaded and braided, and Michael and Mike were in a pool volleyball tournament. It was great having Morgan's hair braided because her bangs were out of her eyes. Heaven. After work, we all went down to the beach for an hour or so. The sand was very shelly, but the ocean was beautiful. Michael made Chicken Parmigiana for dinner, and it was delicious. He went to a Junior Chef camp in Orlando the week before, and they made pasta, sauces, and chicken parm. We were thrilled with it. I love having a Jr. Chef in the house!

On Tuesday, I worked with Mike and the kids went to the pool. The kids relaxed in the condo some, and we ate at the Mexican restaurant for dinner.

On Wednesday, I worked and the kids played at the pool. A man came from a local zoo-like place, and he had baby alligators, a larger alligator, a snake, and a turtle. He told the kids all kinds of interesting facts about the animals. Mike and went to a timeshare speech, and we got passes to the water park at the timeshare place for the next day. I was very tempted by the every other year timeshare for 159 a month, but Mike was very good at saying no. :)

On Thursday, Mike took the kids to the water park with the free passes, and I worked. We went to the Florida Seafood Kitchen restaurant that night, and the kids were crazy about crab legs. They had a really weird balloon guy who came and made some pretty bad balloon animals. The kids didn't care. They loved them. Morgan, Katie, and Michael all ate an OYSTER. I was shocked that Morgan actually swallowed it.

On Friday, Dana came to pick up Katie and Michael because they wanted to meet their teachers that day at Open House. Mike's parents and Matthew took their place at the condo. I called Morgan's school and found out that her class is in a portable but it is with a teacher who was recommended. I worked while Mike, Matthew and his parents were at the pool. After work, Mike says that his parents will watch Morgan so that Matthew, Mike, and I can go on a Casino cruise. I think that sounds like a lot of fun but High School Musical 2 comes on at 8. Morgan has been waiting to see it for months and has literally been counting down the hours. I think she is not going to be happy that I won't be there, so I tell Mike that I can only go if Morgan is ok with it. I just couldn't stand to devistate her like that. So, I tell her that Daddy and Matthew are going on a Casino Cruise and ask her if she cares if I go. She asks what a Casino cruise is, so I tell her. She asks what she gets if I win, and I told her I would split whatever I won with her. She says, Ok and is totally fine with it. Shows what I know. So, off we go to the cruise. I have never been on a Casino Cruise that actually is a moving boat, so I am excited.

You have to wait until the boat is 3 miles from shore, so we hang out on the boat for about an hour. Finally, it is time and we can play. Matthew wants to play Roulette, and I am skeptical because I haven't ever played. I decide to try it. I place $5 on the second 12, and I win! They add $10 to my $5. I won more than I lost for the first hour, but I was only playing %5 at a time. I finally was brave and played $5 on the 2nd 12 numbers AND on the red/black or odd/even. Whoa...I am such a risk taker. :) I end up about $75 in the positive, and I decide it is time to leave the table as I have lost the last 3 hands. Matthew is up $300. Wow! We go listen to the band and hang out. Mike says he wants to play blackjack, so we go play. I quickly realize that I do not have the Blackhjack Mojo and stop while I am only $5 down. Mike is doing well at BlackJack, and he is working on earning his Roulette sending back. I go back to the Roulette table and play again. This time, I play the top 12, and it works well. I am daring now, and I play money on the 5 (mike's birthday), the 11 (because it is my birth month), 22 (my birthday), 24 (Morgan's birthday), and 45 (because it is a good number). I hit on 24 twice, 22 once, and on 5 once. Woo hoo! I leave up $100, so I split the money with Morgan. She gets $50...good deal for her! :) Matthew tells us that he put $100 on red 3 times and it turned up black each time. He gave back his winnings, but he had a good time.

Saturday, we hung out at the pool and went back to Florida Seafood for dinner. Morgan ate crab legs for dinner. Never thought I would see that day! The creepy balloon man came back again, and Morgan got another balloon animal - a rabbit.

Only two weeks until FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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