Saturday, August 25, 2007

The 9th Birthday Party

Finally I get invitations on Wednesday for the party on Friday. Wow, someone nominate me for the mother of the year! I fill them out at the gym, and thankfully another mom offers to write on the invitation. Her handwriting is at least one million times better than mine. I am very thankful for the help. Morgan sees the invitations and says, "How did you make it look like that?" I quickly give credit to the mom. She is amazed. So, she gives out 3 or 4 invitations and saves the rest for Thursday. I have already talked to most of the moms before we went to Cocoa Beach, and I am hoping that they remember.

We are getting ready for bed, and Morgan is getting out of the shower. She wants me to go get her some different clothes to wear. Then, she remembers that there are no boys in the house. She runs naked to her room to get clothes and says, "I feel Freeeeeeeeee." I crack up.

Thursday, she hands out some additional invitiations. Some of the parents are giving me a hard time about handing them out so late. Ha Ha Ha. Krishan helps me shop for Morgan's presents. We go to Justice. I have never been, and I think I should have stayed away. What a need store. I get her a purse, high school musical writing kit, a speaker that plugs into an iPod and has a microphone so you can listen and sing at the same time. I also get some Hannah Montana stuff as well as the HSM2 (that's High School Musical 2 for all you non-kid types) and Hanna Montana CD. We get party favors (Krishan would be a great party planner). I was told that I had to bring cupcakes to her cheer practice for her birthday. When I get there with 60 cupcakes (I went to Sams and they only sold them in 30s. Of course, I needed 31), I learn that 2 other girls have birthdays that day, and there are 90 cupcakes and a cookie cake plus my 60 cupcakes. Wow...that is some serious sugar.

I leave work early on Friday to get Morgan from school. Of course, as I near the house 2 hours before the sleepover that involves swimming, the clouds turn from a nice blue Florida sky to BLACK. LOvely. As I try to imagine what in the world we will do all night with 11 girls (8-10 years old), I am thinking it will be a long night. Part of the pool idea was that it wears kids out! I wonder why I am paying for a birthday cake when I have 30 leftover cupcakes at home. Oh well. Morgan and I hang up the happy birthday banner (we think we can leave it hung in the house for a month until "birthday season" is over). We put balloons on the mail box, make the goody bags, unload the groceries, etc.

The girls start arriving at 5:50 - nothing like being early! Morgan is announcing each person's arrival through the microphone. WHAT WAS I THINKING?????? All 11 girls show, and they put their belongings in the master bedroom. Mike has agreed to give up our room so they can all be in one room. So, we are sleeping in Chris' room (well sleep is a relative term). The girls immediately start tumbling across the house. It is like a tumbling obstacle course. Can you go around the horse stable while doing 5 back handsprings? Well, can you do a front walkover, round off, 3 back handsprings?

We have the girls pick their favorite song and burn a CD of them. It is absolutely hysterical as I realize that I am SO far behind the times. Sean Kingston? Rhianna? Fall out boys? Help me!!!! The girls get up and sing and dance when their song comes on. I think it is actually fun, but Mike disappears. I think he is not having fun. Later, I hear all of this shrieking. I go check on the girls to see what is happening. They are all in their panties running around. They tell me that they are playing Truth or Dare and that the Dare was to run around the whole house with a tshirt and panties. I am SO not ready for a teenager. Do you think that bad teens get paid back by their children? Isn't there somewhere I can repent or something? Confession or something?

As we go to bed, it sounds like a herd of cows or horses or giants or something. After asking them to lie down and watch the movie at least ten times, I am in bed around 3:30. The herd of animals is still going strong. I go try again. As I get upstairs, the girls are trying to see who can create the most difficult tumbling pass from the bonus room, THROUGH THE DOOR, and into my room. One girl is crying because someone stepped on her, and the volume is definitely not ready for the library. I tell them that it is their last chance. They have to stop tumbling and lie down. I don't care if they go to sleep, but I don't want to hear them. I haven't even made it to the bottom of the stairs, and I hear tumbling. You have GOT to be kidding. So, I practicly run up the stairs. I am so mad. I am thinkng that I need a cigarette. I tell them that I will call all of their mothers at 3:30 in the morning to have them come and get them if I hear ONE more tumble or one more scream. My nervous breakdown must have worked because they were finally somewhat quiet. I found out later that they were up until 5am. Unbelievable.

The parents come get the girls around noon, and I am relieved that I survived. I think Morgan had a blast. Maybe next year we will go to a movie or something. As we get in the car to go spend some of Morgan's birthday money, she puts in the CD from the party. I guess this night will live on for a while. :) Happy Birthday Morgan!!!

By the way, Amy - smoke free for Two Months, Twenty Four Days, 9 Hours and 10 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 7 Days and 2 Hours, by avoiding the use of 2049 cigs that would have cost me $349.58. I spent $212 on patches but I have been patch free for 7 days!!! WOOO HOO!!!!!!!


  1. i LOVE your writing...what a week(end?).

    Hope to see you soon!

  2. Love your writing, you crack me up. Maybe you should come join us in Marketing, too :)