Thursday, August 9, 2007

The big demo - Day 1

So, it really started at 8 - not 7:30. I could have slept for 30 more mins. We walk in, and Travis asks if it is the NAPA auto meeting. As they are quickly telling us that wea re in the wrong place, Travis tells them that he is just kidding and that we are from Bond. They start laughing and say, "We should have known!" It is obvious that they adore Travis from the minute we get there. While we are hooking up the 5 computers and switch that we brought, one of them comments that it must be fun working with someone who is so fun and not stuffy. I think to myself, they obviously don't know that we work 20 hours a day! :)

After we get set up, Travis puts the scenario on one projector and I do the demo on another. Tony reads the steps. A facilitator is there to make sure we stay on task. She didn't have to interrupt very often, but she told us after every scenario whether we were ahead or behind schedule. It is difficult to do a demo like that from a script without talking about the cool things in the software along the way. It is very stressful as we go, but I think we are doing well. When we hit scenario 8, things got a little dicey as I am having to trick the software into thinking that a primary claim has been sent and that that the payment sent the claim to the secondary. Of course, I click Other instead of the insurance and it doesn't transfer to the secondary because it wasn't payment or rejection from the primary. DOH....thankfully, they let me do it again and it went much better the second time. :) We started joking that the patient in that scenario didn't like me. Artie is definitely NOT my favorite fake patient. :)

We leave and I want a cigarette SO badly. However, I am strong and I am so tired. It is very tiring to demo like that all day through all of those scenarios in front of a room full of people - especially with 45 minutes of sleep!!!!!!!! We go to dinner at a Japanese place. Tony is reqired to join the social club since it is a dry county, but somehow Travis, Nancy, and Justin don't have to fill anything out. I guess Tony drank the beer by himself as far as the records go. Good thing for his Mad Dog reputation! I tell Tony and Travis that I think we are home free as the functional piece is harder than the questions and answers on architecture and security.

I get in bed and instant message Morgan. Little did I know at the time that Grams was in bed with her trying to get her to bed. Oops...I heard about that one later. :) Grams admires our ability to put the kids to bed early every day. :)

I finally collapse into a very deep sleep, and I am still tired when the alarm went off at 6:15am.

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