Thursday, August 2, 2007

Two months smoke free!

-------------- smoke free for Two Months, 7 Hours and 18 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 5 Days and 2 Hours, by avoiding the use of 1471 cigs that would have cost me $250.75. Need some motivation to quit smoking? Try a quit meter and the Smoking Cessation Forum.

WOW... I made it to 2 months! For some reason, this seems like a big milestone. I am continually amazed at how hard it is to stop smoking. I consider myself to be a strong person who is pretty tough, but this stop smoking thing is ROUGH. Even after 2 months, I will stand up to go outside to smoke before I remember that I quit. I will get anxious every day at 3:00 when I would go smoke with my buddy Tony. When I get upset, it is the first thing I think of and I have been reduced to tears on many occasions just knowing that I can't have a cig. All of this, and I have been using the patch! There is something very, very wrong with this. I do not want to smoke. It is horrible for my health. I don't want my children to smoke or to be around it. Yet, it is still the most difficult thing I have ever done (no matter how many times I have quit in the past). However, the one thing that is different this time is that I don't ever think about just cheating and having one. I know that if I have a single puff, I will be right back where I was and will have to start this nightmare journey again. I believe I can do it, and I know that I must. I do have to say, thank GOD for the Nicotine Patch. I don't know if I would have survived without them. Can you just stay on the patch forever? :)

At gymnastics, Morgan now has to wear a sports bra. I was so not ready to purchase a bra with her, but I guess it all begins. Soon, my sweet (sometimes evil) daughter will be all into boys and will be a teenager on her way to college. I can't believe that she only has 2 more years of elementary school. I still think of her as a little girl, but I guess I need to get used to the fact that she is growing up. Try as I might, I don't think I can stop the process. She is thrilled with the sports bra though, and she can't wait to fill it in with real boobs. I have to keep telling her to put a shirt on because she wants to walk around in the sports bra and shorts like she seems some of the older girls at the gym do. I keep telling her that she doesn't want to be those girls. She doesn't seem to be buying it. In fact, she manufactured her own boobs just so she could see what it was like. I had to swear to not throw them away when she went to bed. I think I am going to have a rough few years...

On another subject, why is it so hard for doctors to move to electronic health records? I have decided that in my next life, I want to make a product for developers. When they find something they don't like, it becomes a challenge to find another way around it. Doctor's have to complain multiple times and then bring it up every day for the next five weeks (when they have found the next thing to complain about). Don't get me wrong, I understand that it is a life changing thing to go from paper to the computer for everything you do, especially when you are used to dictating. However, the benefits are enormous - especially with a cool product like Bond Clinician! :) I am glad that Craig Barrett has EMR's for his horses though...what a relief! I heard him talking at HIMSS 06, and he just couldn't understand why healthcare couldn't be more like banking. Hmmm....maybe adding and subtracting is a little easier than dealing with healthcare issues, patients, doctors, and such air tight standards as HL7 (this segment is for the patient name unless you don't have one and then you can use it for an account number unless you don't have one and then you can use it for date of birth or any other piece of information you feel like throwing in there).

Speaking of crazy things, did you hear that Club Penguin was sold for between 350 and 700 MILLION dollars????? Now that is amazing. Scratch what I said before...screw developers. I want kids as my market! I am pretty sure my kids haven't called the help desk once in the 9 months they have been members, and I don't think they have complained about it once. They do however tell their friends how cool it is and that they should get their parents to shell out $5.95 a month for it so that they can have puffles!

30 more days until Tennessee kicks off the football season at Cal! It's ALMOST football time in Tennessee!!!!!!! Rocky top, you'll always be, home sweet home to me, good ol' Rocky Top, Rocky Top Tennessee

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