Thursday, August 30, 2007

Birthday and Professionalism

As Birthday season continues, Chris turned 14 today! What a long way we have come from double strollers at Sea World. :) Chris picked the Collonade restaurant for his birthday dinner. As I pull into the parking lot, Travis calls. He tells me that one of my implementers emailed her resignation. I am shocked. She had only been there for 2.5 months, and I thought she was fitting in great and doing a great job. I send her a quick email asking if there is anything I can do and letting her know I am sad. I am also surprised to discover that Dana' parents and sister are also joining us for dinner. YIPEE. Dana and her sister try to one up each other throughout the meal - no my son is better at football, no mine is, etc. I am shocked by how much they do this. Chris says that he wants to have a couple of friends over to our house over the weekend for his birthday. I am excited that he wants to do it at our house. I can only stay for an hour at dinner as I have to rush back to the gym to get Morgan. I had clam chowder, an oyster rockefeller, and stuffed mushrooms (appetizers). The chowder was great. The oyster was so good that I gave the rest to Mike...ick. The mushrooms were so so.

On the way to get Morgan, I start to get mad over the implementer. She has received all kinds of training. Much less pressure was put on her than other people. I have given her positive feedback on her training. She didn't even have the professional courtesy to talk to me about whatever was the problem? As I start talking to other implementers in the group, it appears she was always looking for more money. I can only hope that my kids grow up to be professional, honest, hard-working people. I hope they they never do this to an employer. In case you are hiring an implementer in Orlando, you might want to ask me some questions first.

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