Monday, August 27, 2007

Test Results

To protect privacy, I will not go into details here. However, this week started with test results coming back that were not good. Instead of the doctor delivering this news, the result report was handed over without a single thought as to what that would mean to the patient. I am continually amazed by our healthcare system. So, after a call was made to the doctor, THEN he spent time ON THE PHONE explaining the report (well, actually he spent time back stepping and avoiding saying anyting concrete). The report calls for an additional test which the doctor says will be scheduled by the "referral department." As any patient who receives part of the story wants, this patient does not want to wait for more information either. So, the "referral department" says that the test won't be paid for if it is ordered by the primary care physician and can only be paid if ordered by the specialist. Hmmmm...

The other striking thing is the different ways that men and women react to things. As many mars/venus kinds of analogies have mentioned, men like to solve things and talking about them doesn't really work if you can't solve them. Women like to understand what is happening and how the feel, and of course, they like to talk about it to help understand it. Never has this been more obvious than in health issues.

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