Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 1 on ship

Pictures are HERE

Today, I woke up in our hotel in Venice, and I went to the gym for the elliptical. As the tv was broken on both of the tv's for the ellipticals, I went to the treadmill. There was a very friendly woman there who was visiting from California. She had two kids, and she said
that the come to Europe for a month each summer. Nice...

We ate breakfast overlooking the waters of Venice, and inwas looking forward to teasing mark about not working out, but apparantly, he went at the crack of dawn.

We went on a tour to Murano to see how they blow glass. Talk about amazing. They would heat the glass, and then cut it and pour it over another glass piece. There is only on the job training where you try to progress to a master. Only masters can create the ideas. Very cool.

After the water taxi back to St. Mark's (our Mark has been calling it his square lol), we did a little glass shopping. I bought a necklace and earrings and Morgan bought a desk piece and earrings.

Next, it was time for the taxi to the boat. I think the water taxi guy had a heart attack when he saw our luggage. 16 pieces in all.

When we got to the ship, we checked in, bought drink and soda cards, and had our picture made. Once through security, we boarded. ;) The shops were all closed, so we said it was the Walk of Sighs (like the bridge of sighs in Venice).

We ate lunch on the lido deck where Morgan focused on the ice cream. I
had a salad and an Asian stir fry of shrimp and scallops.

After lunch, we walked around the ship to learn where things were. Club Hal for the kids was closed.

We ate in the main dining room, and I had a salad and fish with sugarless chocolate ice cream. Yum.

After dinner, we hung out with the family on our enormous balcony. What a fantastic day.

Mike and I walked around looking for a fun bar in the evening, but we guess everyone was recovering from the timezone change as they were all EMPTY.

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