Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trip to Washington DC

I got home Sunday night and turned right back around and flew out at 9am on Monday morning. This time, the trip is to Washington DC. I hadn’t been to DC since my rental car was stolen here from the Crowne Plaza back in the 90’s (the valet left the keys in the car in the ally next to the hotel – DOH). This time, I am staying in Arlington, and the purpose of the trip is to work with HITSP on the ARRA “meaningful use” definitions. It has been a long time since I have worked on anything policy related, and it has been eye opening again. I forget how process oriented things like this are.


Tony and I met up at the airport and shared a cab. The rooms at the Hilton weren’t ready yet, so we sat in the lounge and worked. Once the rest of the crew  arrived, we had a meeting to prepare for the meeting. I also had a late conference call, so I was late arriving to the group dinner. We had a great time at dinner, and it was fun to get to know some new people.


I talked Tony into working out with me at 11pm, so he did the treadmill while I did the elliptical. It was fun! Tuesday, the meetings were in full swing. After the meetings, we met Tom for dinner at Cashion’s Eat Place. It was awesome. I wanted fish, and I wasn’t so keen on the way the one I wanted came prepared as it was a whole fish. That whole fish thing just plain creeps me out. So, they generously offered to filet it for me so that I wouldn’t even know. J It was delicious. It had the best grilled asparagus I have had possibly ever, and the fish came with a tomato topping and sea salt. YUM. I also had some of the she crab soup, and it was as good as ones I get in South Carolina.  They had a good wine selection, and the atmosphere was great also. The walls have pictures of the owners’ families. Very cool place. Loved it. Had a blast. It was great to blow off some steam.


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