Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Friday – day 3 cruise – July 26, 2009 - Dubrovnik

Pictures are HERE.

This morning, Mike and I woke up at 6:30 to go to the “walk a mile” on deck 3 activity. Again, there was no organized group, so we just started. We ended up going 2 miles. We had a great time walking as the right side of the ship showed blue waters and the left side showed the mountains as we were approaching Dubrovnik. It was motivating to see such beautiful sights, and I always wanted to get to the side with the mountains.

We had breakfast in the room. I had my typical special k and banana, and Mike had an omelet. We met at 9:20 as our tour wasn’t until 9:30. It looked sunny even though rain was predicted. The ship docket at 9:00, and we were on the bus around 9:30. The guide had a microphone, and we all had a single headphone that allowed you to easily hear him. He was much better than the first guide as I could understand him. I think Morgan had a little trouble understanding his accent, but Papa sat next to her and helped. We stopped to take pictures on the way, and one man didn’t get back on in time. The guide asked if we were missing anyone, but I guess the son didn’t speak up. The dad who didn’t get back on ended up catching a ride with a different bus. How embarrassing.

We got to Dubrovnik, and the surroundings were beautiful and the old buildings were amazing. It was so neat to see these buildings that have been there for over 2,000 years. That is a long time. It was crazy to hear him talking about 5th century BC. We saw a monastery, a cathedral, and the outside of another church that had St. Micheal and John the Baptist outside. It also had Mary holding Jesus (dead) with God looking over them. They were amazing statues. The monastery had amazing architecture and incredible art. Grams and Papa were happy to get to see Dubrovnik as last time they were there it was pouring rain.

After the guided tour, we went to walk on the historic wall that guarded the city. The city was never taken by anyone other than Napoleon who closed their churches and schools. It is amazing to hear the voice used to say Napoleon. He is not well liked in this area..that is for sure. Walking on the wall was amazing, and I am so glad we did it. We weren’t sure that we would have time, but we did. The wall had lots and lots of steps going up, and we judged that this was definitely a 3 man activity (on a scale of 1 – 3 men rating how hard the effort is). Going down was a bit scary to me as it was steep, and I was so afraid that I might break an ankle or slip. I made it fine though.

We went to get Morgan Gelatto since she was so good. She got…CHOCOLATE! Of course! Papa has renamed her the chocolate bella (the chocolate baby).

It started raining as Morgan ate her ice cream, and she was worried about getting it wet. We waiting under the overhang of the building while she ate for a while, and then we went to the top to get on the bus. We had to wait a while, and Morgan and I went to use the restroom. They said you had to eat at the restaurant to use it, so I asked if I could buy something. She just said, nevermind, go ahead and use it. J Whew…

When we got back to the town, we drove around a bit, and then got on the ship. Since it was around 2, we were starving and went straight to the Lido for lunch. I had a ham and swiss sandwich, Morgan had a hamburger, and Mike had Asian.

Mike, Morgan, and I went to the pool for a bit. There was a girl around Morgan’s age in a bikini bottom with no top. I guess that is a European thing, but it was a bit odd to see.

We set sail at 6, and we all sat on the deck watching Dubrovnik disappear in the distance.
The Club Hal was FINALLY open tonight, and Morgan went to do a scavenger hunt. She had a great time meeting other girls, and they got all the items but they were the last ones back.
We went to dinner in the dining hall, and I had beef medallions, Morgan had pork madallions, and Mike had pork as well. It was delicious. Made, our waiter, has us figured out I think. He had Morgan’s cantaloupe every night ready and waiting, and he sends the wine steward over to Uncle Mike right away. J After dinner, Mark, Mike, Mike, Tracy, and I went to the craps table for a few mins. Again, frigid. Not good. Then, we all decided we were ready for bed and headed to our cabins.

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