Monday, June 15, 2009


It is so nice to be at home. I have done my laundry, played with the dog, gone on bike rides, walked the dog, played with kids, etc. It has been so nice. I can't believe I am actually home this week. Seems odd after three weeks of a lot of traveling.

I have been spending most of my spare time exercising, and I am anxious to get into as good of shape as possible before the cruise. Yes, I know I should have started this journey more than 5 weeks before we leave, but I am thinking it is better late than never!

I am very perplexed on why the Chick Fil A cow is allowed to work on Sundays at a Rays game when the restuarants are closed? Hmmm....

I am also dying for two electronic devices - a Kindle and a Body Bugg. So for, I have been good and avoided both.

7 days til the cruise. I have never been on one, so I am extra excited (any more excited and I would pop out of my skin altogether!).


  1. I'm going to be a rotten influence and say go for the Body Bugg. While I love my Polar and don't want something else, I do have a discount offer from my gym for the Body Bugg (24 Hour Fitness) that you are welcome to use.

  2. Oooh, I'd never seen the Body Bugg before, but it looks awesome! You should totally splurge on that.

    Have a great vacation! We just got a magazine with Caribbean cruises in it, and I drooled all over it like a 14 year old boy with a contraband Playboy magazine.