Friday, June 5, 2009

Quebec Trip - Thursday/Friday

On Thursday, we got to walk around the city some before going to dinner at the Cafe du Monde on the water. The streets are very cool to walk around, and the buildings are varied in architecture. The hills are a bit rough to navigate up and down, but it was fun even with the torture to my legs. :) There is a vernicular lift that will take you up and down for part of it, but if you don't take it and you walk from the water up to the top, it is a steep walk on the street. Then, you get the reward of a LOT of steps. :)

The Cafe du Monde got mixed reviews on the food, but the view was spectacular. We sat outside, and it was a little chilly. However, our waiter brough us blankets to use to keep warm, and there was a heater. :)

View from Cafe Du Monde

Toilet Paper (sheets - not a roll)

Charlie After Dinner

Hmmm....isn't there a bar near here?

The beginning of the evil walk up the hill

Stop Signs Are in French

Interesting building art

Cute Cafe

That building is our hotel

Getting ready for the Vernicular

View down the Vernicular

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