Monday, June 22, 2009

Trip to Venice

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Monday, June 22nd, 2009

I didn’t sleep very well last night because I was super excited and because my arm was doing that weird itchy thing it does a couple of times a year. It is really annoying. I put ice on it and took Advil which finally helped me sleep again. When we got up, we put everything in the car and headed out. Oops…where are my sunglasses? Mike is ready to scream I think as I cannot find my sunglasses. Since I just bought a new pair of prescription glasses for the trip, I am not leaving them. I pull back into the driveway and run inside like a madwoman. I am searching everywhere when I hear Mike say he found them in the car – he was sitting on them! So, off we go to Mark’s where we are getting a shuttle to the airport.

We stop by the bank to get some US dollars to take with us. Grams has already secured us some Euros for the trip too. The shuttle guy is waiting at Mark’s because he is there early. We arrived right on time, but I still had to pull into the garage. I pull in, but I am too close to Mark’s car, and I have to back up and do it again. Now, the shuttle guy is ready to scream. :)

We get to the airport with plenty of time, and we head to the Crown Room after we get through security. We have 7 suitcases checked! We also had 2 carry on suitcases and 3 backpacks. What a load! We are hanging in the Crown Room (which Morgan calls the gold room) having a little snack (SOME of us are having alcohol already but as a hint I was the only one of drinking age who was not) and Mike gets a call from Delta saying flight from NYC to Venice is about an hour late. When he said it was Delta, I just knew that we were delayed out of Tampa which is the one flight that I wanted to be on time. Thankfully, it was. We suddenly realize that our plane is boarding 45 minutes before take off. Wow. We start to head downstairs, and Morgan, Mark, and I take the stairs while Mike waits for the elevator for the carry on bag (it is kind of heavy). We are waiting downstairs forever, and Mike finally comes down the stairs with the bag as he is tired of waiting. Where is Mark? Geez…this is like herding cats. Mike starts toward the plane to board, but I insist on waiting for Mark because he wouldn’t know that we had boarded (Mike insists that he will but I want to wait). Thankfully, we didn’t have to discuss it long as Mark was just in the “potty” as Morgan says and was ready.

I sat next to Morgan, and Mike and Mark sat behind us. Morgan watched movies, and I read. Nice flight. We land in NYC and head to the restroom. As we are going in, there are Grams and Papa!! Amazing that we run into them in that huge airport. We head toward our gate and then sit in the Crown Room (we had 4 hours to wait). We were sitting next to Jack Hanna, but Morgan and I didn’t believe Mike that it was him. After looking at pictures, he was right. J
We had a fun time joking around, and we had to check in with Grams if we went anywhere. Morgan loved telling the “potty” story, and I loved teasing Mark that I was going to tell Biko whenever he ate something bad or drank. J It was a fun time. I realized that delays when traveling for vacation and much less annoying than when traveling for business. I also learned that airports aren’t bad when you are with your family.

Our plane boarded around 7:30, and we took off around 8:00. The flight was pretty good. Morgan watched movies, and we had chicken for dinner (note, the people who got the pasta said it wasn’t good so if you are on a Delta flight with chicken or pasta, pick the chicken). Morgan even liked the chicken and it had sauce on it! This air vent was blowing right on me and it was FREEZING, and this evil lady across the aisle “couldn’t reach it” to fix it. I took an ambien right after dinner and crashed. I vaguely remember Morgan wanting something right after we took off, and I was so out of it that I was just begging that she would relax. She did, and we slept most of the flight.

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