Tuesday, June 2, 2009

5th Grade Graduations

Today, Morgan had her 5th grade graduation (Michael had his on Wednesday). I cannot believe that we no longer have any elementary school children around the house. On to middle school the youngest ones go and on to Junior year the oldest goes. How did that happen?

Of course, the graduation at Morgan's school started at 1:30 on the day I needed to fly to Quebec. So, I got the absolute latest flight I could out of Tampa which was at 5:05. The graduation was listed as an hour to an hour and a half, so I am a little nervous but think it will be ok.

Basically, it was an awards ceremony for the most part. They gave out academic awards, AR point awards, music, PE, etc. Then, they had each child go across the stage when their name was called. They all wore the same tshirt. It was really nice.

Morgan walking in with her class

Morgan standing for AR Points (reading)

The Class of 2009 Shirt with Morgan's name on it

Morgan Up Close

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