Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trip to Camp Chattooga and the Tallulah Falls Gorge

Saturday was mainly a camp preparation day. We had to get physicals done for the girls, run to Target, pick up some forgotten clothes and shoes from Morgan's friend Alexis, go to the bookstore, and pack. We sighed with relief when the trunk closed with everything in it. Katie got everything in her bag except her sleeping bag. Victory!

We went to bed as early as possible as we had to get up at 4:45 to head off to the airport. FUN! NOT! We got the girls up and left about 5. Amazing! The girls read all the way to Atlanta, so I slept. J We rode the tram to baggage claim, and there were some military guys who were just coming home from Afghanistan. When we walked into the baggage claim area, there was a crowd of people greeting the soldiers who started clapping. Morgan and Katie were confused, so I explained it. They seemed very interested, but it was kind of funny to see them try to figure out WHY people were clapping (and to have them realize it wasn’t for them J ).

We went to the Avis counter for the very painful event of getting the rental car. I had reserved an SUV because I needed room for Morgan’s trunk and for Katie’s duffel bag. I am not sure what the issue was, but it took forever and I ended up with a different SUV than originally requested. It was some kind of Jeep Commander or something. For some reason, the girls were really excited to have a Jeep until I told them it wasn’t a little jeep. J

We then have to go on the bus to get to the rental car. I have the trunk on a smart cart, and we make it to the bus. We get to the lot, and I can’t find the spot for the car. I then realize it is up front. In that spot, there is some big vehicle, so we get in and load the trunk and duffle in the back. The girls are all excited, but I didn’t like it. As we are leaving the lot, the check out man says we have the wrong car. THANK GOODNESS I say. The windows are so small that I can’t see anything. So, I realize as I take it back to get the right one, I realize it is a Hummer. I cracked up. So, I know that I definitely don’t want a Hummer. J Here is the Jeep we ended up with

We start driving toward Tallulah Falls. The girls decide they want McDonald’s (Yuck) for lunch. I try to find something good, and I end up with a small cheeseburger and apple slices – could be worse. Somehow, I turned off the main road and ended up in the middle of nowhere. I finally had to ask someone how to get to Tallulah Falls. He tells me to go about 2 miles until I cross the railroad tracks and to turn left on “what used to be 197.” Hmmm….Then, I am supposed to go to a 4 way stop and then I will hit the 4 lane road. What he didn’t tell me was that it was almost 20 miles on the road before the 4 lane road. Katie had said she would know we were close when she saw the Kangaroo station. The amazing this is we are on this 20 mile road and I am thinking we have so missed a turn or something. Low and behold – the KANGAROO STATION! Whew. We actually were in the right place.

The girls wanted to be early in line so that they could get the bunk they wanted, so we went on to camp.

At 1:00 (an hour before you can go in), there were already around 10 cars in line. Very quickly, the line was very long. The girls are cramming chips down their throats since they know they won’t get any for the next week. J

As we drive into camp, MG was there. She was excited to see us and said, “The Gleasons are back!” I had to tell her that I wasn’t staying this year. I was so sad once I was there in the beautiful surroundings with all of the fun in front of me. Of course, the reason I didn’t go this year is because of the big cruise trip which is WAY more exciting. However, I simply LOVE camp. Next year. Here are the sites as we drive in

Morgan is in Wahi (3rd time), and Katie is in Maka (2nd time). The counselors take Morgan’s trunk, and Katie starts pulling her bag.

There aren’t very many campers this week, as the first session is always light. I think it is nice to have it small groups. The girls got their beds made.

After I got the girls settled, checked in, and happy, I headed out to go back to the airport. On the way out, I drove to look at the scenic overlook to Tallulah Falls Gorge. I always forget how breathtaking it is.

I made it to the airport, returned the car, and hung out in the Crown Room for a short while. It was so fantastic to travel without anything but a book. No laptop in security, etc. Wonderful. When I landed, I didn’t even have to do anything other than go straight to the car without dragging, heaving, balancing…Wonderful

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  1. Andrew spent 2.5 weeks out in Colorado back in March, and called me from his rental car, that was a black hummer. He loved it, of course. I think I blogged about it. Anyhow, I think he mostly liked that a) it had XM radio like our cars at hom, and b) that it had 4x4 for the blizzards that snowed them in for about half of the trip!