Wednesday, September 26, 2007

1500 Hits!

1500 hits today! How exciting this blog stuff is. I have really enjoyed it. I have had a lot of people ask what statcounter I am using. It is called Statcounter. Now that Morgan has a blog, it is even more fun. She has had more fun picking out virtual animals to go on her site from widgetbox. See the friends' blogs section for a link. Mike has been a slacker about updating his blog. I guess when you are having fun in New Orleans, it is more fun to play than to blog. :)

Approximately 36 hours until the stent comes out. YIPEE! Today was pretty rough, so the countdown begins. :)

Morgan's team got their cheer uniform today for one of her teams. She looks so cute. These are the uniforms that are for the younger team. She was upset that it didn't show her tummy. Mommy wants to know if she can wear this one for both teams. :)

Today was picture day, and thankfully the blue hair dye came out of Morgan's hair enough for the pictures. There is still a little remaining, but I think it is subtle enough to not show in the pictures.

We finally shipped our Fall Release today! WOO HOO! I am so happy to have it out the door so that we can focus on the next one. This next release has all kinds of cool fun things in it. :)

I talked to my brother Mike tonight. When my sister-in-law, Deborah, answers, she tells me she has to go get a towel because there is an owl in their house. Apparently, it came through the fireplace and landed on the wall. The scary thing is that this isn't the first owl in the house! They are having a costume party the weekend I will be in San Francisco for the AAP conference. Should be a great time!

Speaking of the AAP Conference (American Academy of Pediatrics), Bond was selected to be the EHR to be used in the Pediatric Office of the Future booth! In this booth, they are trying to show all kinds of cool futuristic tools that can be used in medical offices today. Of course, since Bond is a state of the art browser-based EHR, it fits in perfectly. Microsoft is one of the sponsors. We were all cracking up when the first requirement was that all of the PCs must be running Vista. We wondered how many EMR vendors can do that? I think Bond is one of the few. I don't even think a lot of people use IE7 yet.

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