Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Multiplication and Rice Creeper Treats to e-Prescriptions and Consultants

Ahh...multiplication tables. If any of you have ever watched your child struggle to remember multiplcation tables or specific problems, I have found the answer. I found the book, The Times Tables. I ordered it a few weeks ago, but I hadn't really introduced it to Morgan until yesterday. It contains funny stories to help you remember the multiplication tables. For example, each number has a picture (two = shoe, three = tree, four = door). Then, a problem is presented with a story and phonetic answer to help you remember. As an example, Morgan's favorite was 4X4 or Door X Door. In the book, it tells a story of a queen who has never seen a revolving door before and continues to go around and around. She gets sick so door x door = sick queen. Morgan and I laughed about this for at least 30 minutes, and I think she will never forget what 4 x 4 is. She went through the WHOLE book yesterday. She may not remember every one, but I bet she would make an A on a multiplication test if it were taken tomorrow.

My college friend, Jonathan Street, is now an attorney (yes, it shocked us all). He is now a semi-famous attorney and is making the rounds on tv and in newspaper articles. Click here to learn more. Make us proud Street!!!

Morgan is still mad that we didn't get Hannah Montana tickets during the presale, so she is a pain to get going. Did you know that you can join the fan club to buy tickets early? We did that, and we still didn't get tickets. :(

I went to Tampa Bay Urology. Dr. Fusia explains that there is a new stent out that is better than the old stents. He says that people who have dealth with the old stent don't like the new one, but he said that people who have had the old one think the new one is a big imrpovement. Additionally, it can be done as an outpatient. :) So, next Thursday it is. According to the CT scan, this is the last stone I have. I can't even imagine life without ANY stones. So, next Thursday, it will be history! Thank goodness my deductible is met for my HSA policy. So far, I love the HSA/ins policy from United Healthcare. I am interested to see if HSA's catch on. Anyone have good or bad experiences with HSA plans?

We come a little closer to the release today. We assigned 3 issues today to be investigated and/or fixed. Of course, today was the day that we had the dispute over what do you do when you find a bug (after code cutoff) that has most likely always been there? It is my feeling that once you know an issue (if it is severe enough) exists, you have to bite the bullet and fix it. Of course, priority became the next discussion. :)

A HIMSS study discussed staffing challenges in healthcare. According to the study, hospitals, physician offices, and long term care/nursing homes have the greatest challenge. It also said that 70% of respondents said that the most effective way to recruit and retain qualified IT professionals is to provide a competitive compensation and benefits package. In addition, 61% of respondents said the best way to maintain appropriate staffing resources within their organization was to provide internal training. 31% said they would use consultants when possible.

Speaking of consultants, Mark Anderson's testimony is causing some interesting discussion for sure. The transcript can be found here. I think this underscores the state of the market. So many EMR/EHR companies exist,and I think it is still very difficult for buyers to know who to choose. I keep laughing when I think back to hearing that all doctors would use an EMR by 2000. :)

Finally, all 50 states allow e-prescribing. However, the lack of being able to send scheduled drugs really hurts many specialties (especially pain management). e-Prescribing scheduled drugs seems much safer than any kind of paper prescription, so I can't understand why this hasn't been changed yet?

Only 3 more days until the Tennessee-Florida game. GO VOLS!

Still smoke free...Amy - smoke free for Three Months, Ten Days, 10 Hours and 6 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 8 Days and 12 Hours, by avoiding the use of 2458 cigs that would have cost me $419.64. Congrats to Kelly for making it 5 months!!!!!!

By the way, Bond is hiring. Click here for openings.

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  1. Cool multiplication book. I saw a similiar one recently, but didn't order until I saw your review.