Sunday, September 9, 2007

Greeter and Tennessee WINS!

This is Morgan's current Big Cat. We haven't heard from anyone to know if she will get a new one. The picture was cute though, so I decided to post it. :)

First of all, the most important thing, Tennessee WON! I know, it was only Southern Miss, but after losing the home opener I was sad. Since they play Florida this Saturday, I needed at least one relaxing game with a WIN! The rest of the family teams didn't do so well...For those of you who don't know, my dad went to Mississippi State, my mom got her master's at the University of South Carolina, my oldest brother Mike went to Auburn, my brother Mark went to Georgia, and I went to Tennessee (of course the best). As you can imagine, football season can get pretty heated. For the most part, we all cheer each other's teams on though and it is fun. Since evil Steve Spurrier (I am pretty sure he will be the one puttin stents in people in hell) prepared South Carolina well enough to beat Georgia (Mark cares a whole lot more than my mom about football and I can't stand Spurrier), the first game to finish was not good. Next, Tennessee is losing to Southern Miss. As I repeatedly chant, "This can't be happening, this can't be happening, this can't be happening," Tennessee starts to win and doesn't look back. Whew...they do remember what football is. I was starting to wonder. :) Next, we notice that USF is beating Auburn. Mike is actually cheering for USF (I mean I know they are the local team and all but we are talking family and SEC!!!). Of course, I have to call Mike (he isn't quite as into football after living in CA for 13 years) as he doesn't even know that the game is on much less who is winning. He turns it on, and Auburn starts playing beter (coincidence?) By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE! He must have stopped watching though as they lost. Oh well. At least Tennessee won. Mississippi State did beat the powerhouse of Tulane (by 21 points!!), and Ole Miss lost to Mizzou so my dad was extremely happy. So, I guess 3 out of 5 won but it was a surprising 2 that lost. Oh yeah, Mike's team, BYU, lost but they put up a good effort. Of course, Mike and I disagree on whether BYU plays in a real conference, but so far I am not getting to make many arguments with how the SEC has done. :( On another Tennessee football note, the Titans beat the Jags. I am hoping that it is a good omen going into UT/UF week. Since the Vols haven't beaten the Gators since I moved to Tampa, I think it is time. I can't handle another year of Gators gloating. Please Vols - do it this year. In order to do that though, please read the dictionary to learn the definition of tackle. :)

I was a greeter at Church today. Too bad this job doesn't pay because it is the perfect gig for me. Talk to people as they arrive and make them feel welcome. If they have questions, try to answer them or find something who can. I CAN DO THAT!!! :) I had so much fun. I was starting to get a complex about it because I have been on the schedule to greet two times in the past few months. Each time, something bad happened that prevented me from going (Last time it was Morgan's trip to the ER). I am so glad I got to go this time. I even got to go to the traditional service. I love the traditional service with the choir and hymns. I have adjusted to the comtemporary service since Morgan likes the kid's service that is at that time, but I still prefer the traditional. As Mike said, the contemporary one is a bit too much like a rock concert for me. :) Maybe we are just getting old.

The gym is having a Casino Night October 20th in Tampa (don't worry, there is a cash bar). She is selling tickets that are $25 (includes dinner and play money to gamble with). Let me know if you want to join in the party!

Also, on a more important note, Morgan is seeking sponsors to help pay for this insanely expensive sport of cheerleading. If anyone is interested in sponsoring Morgan in cheerleading, all sponsor donations are tax deductible. :)

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