Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Make it stop

If I could wave my magic wand today and make three things (ok, really four) stop, I would...

1. Stop us from having to even think about another 9/11
2. Stop my body from making kidney stones (including getting rid of the rock I currently have)
3. Stop people from having their feelings hurt over the Misys Reunion shirts
4. Stop the Florida offense from scoring! (It is Tennessee/Florida week - what did you expect???)

On 9/11, I am amazed at how much this day brings back memories. I will never forget staring at the TV and wondering what was happening as the news tried to piece together what happened. Hearing it go from a small passenger plane to a commercial plane to multiple planes to multiple airlines to multiple sites was intense. I distinctly remember wondering if I should go get Morgan from preschool. Of course, we were in Tennessee at the time, but it didn't seem that crazy at the time to wonder if she was safe. I remember using AOL's AIM to keep Medic/Misys co-workers up to date as they didn't have easy access to a TV.

Many years later at Bond, I meet Luke who worked in the World Trade Center at that time as a contract employee for another company. It was the last day of his job, and he decided to stay up late to watch Monday Night Football and sleep in a little later. As a result, he got to work later than normal (He is ALWAYS at work early). So, as he is waiting for the elevator, the first plane hit. I often wonder how many people have similar stories. I remember hearing about people who weren't supposed to be on the flights but due to a last minute change in plans, there were on the flights. I also remember people who missed the plane or changed plans to not be on the plane at the last minute. It is amazing how one simple decision in life can alter it so - even to the life and death point. On a smaller scale, these decisions occur frequently. Some little small thing like going into work earlier or later can impact the rest of your life. One little game of I Never, and I got to know Mike. Wonder what I would be doing had I gone to bed early? Thank goodness I was a partier that night. :) For another Tennessean's post about 9/11, see here.

2. The kidney stone trauma. So, lithotripsy apparently isn't an option. As I am walking across the living room floor last night, the pain was so great and so suddenly strong, I literally fell on the living room floor. Morgan had to help me up. Thank God for pain medicine, or I would have certainly been at the ER last night. The pain comes and goes but it has been pretty horrific in the last 24 hours. Of course, the big reunion is this weekend, and I am not having anything done about it until that is over. So, I might as well suck it up, get more pain meds, and hang in for another few days. However, I really wish I could stop these bad boys from occurring. It is difficult to explain, but they are life altering.

3. The t-shirts. Somehow, what started as a fun little activity, has been posted all over the internet. The shirts certainly weren't meant to upset anyone. I am thankful that I had Jason Cline as my boss because I don't know that I would have left Misys if it weren't for him. I can honestly say that he was the worst management I have ever seen, but he did make me mad enough to leave. I try to remember sometimes what life was like before the big move to Tampa. It has only been 2 and a half years, but in some ways it really seems like another lifetime. It is definitely one of those life altering decisions. As opposed to moving to Tampa as I was, I really do like it here. I love Raleigh, and I am excited about going back there. However, Tampa isn't bad. We have settled in here pretty well. Anyway, for anyone who reads this, the shirts were all in fun, and I am sorry if I hurt any feelings. As I said somewhere else, to me it is like college football. This saturday, I will sit with Florida fans (I know, feel sorry for me) and watch the Tennessee/Florida game. I will be decked out in Tennessee gear with my Rocky Top playing phone. I might even have a t-shirt made mocking Florida. On the other side, I am sure the Florida fans will do the same. If they didn't, a lot of the fun would be removed. It is the team pride and spirit that makes college football so fun. To quote my brilliant husband, "It is great to be arch rivals on Saturday and best friends on Sunday." So, I will be wearing my Bond gear. What other teams will show at the Reunion? :)

I have to add ONE more. I would ensure that the Tennessee Defense could STOP the Florida Offense so that Tennesseee could win the big game this Saturday. By the way, it appears that the Misys Reunion is at Rudino's Rooftop at 6pm and the game watching will be at Blinco's for the 3:30 kick off on Saturday. I am sure that one night will include a trip to Rum Runners for old time sake. :)

Leave me comments!!! For some funny UT/Florida week content, go here and here. Go Vols!


  1. You talk so much about Misys that it seems like an old boyfriend that you wish you hadn't let go of and can't stop stalking. Move on - it would be healthier for you.

  2. Any shrink will tell you that any highly traumatic experience requires discussing it. Years of trauma could require a lot of talking!

  3. I did work there for about 8 years. That is a long time. I am married to someone I met there, and I currently work with about 10 ex-Misys people. I also think the place the company is in provides an interesting use case to the industry (the reselling another product piece).

    Misys is only a topio lately because of the reunion and the t-shirt drama. I didn't organize this reunion, but I did think it sounded like a lot of fun to get the old EMR crew back together. I have mainly been responding to comments from others for the last few days. Trust me, I have moved on, and I am in a much better situation. If you notice, that was the idea of the shirts. Pride in Bond with a little humor thrown in. My blog is about life, my family, the industry, and whatever I want to write about. In the big picture, Misys is only a blip on the radar.

  4. I know nothing about the internal corporation that is Misys, but I do know that the topic is quite amusing when people can take such offense to it, that they would be mad enough to leave a NASTY ANONYMOUS comment about your thoughts...... I'm guessing bravery isn't a common attribute around those parts?