Sunday, September 30, 2007

Football, Cats, Children

This weekend was spent watching most of the top 10 teams lose in college - oh the glory of watching Florida lose to Auburn. Mike hit rewind 4 times in a row just to watch the kick sail through the goal posts. :) I guess if it can't be Tennessee, the Auburn is a good replacement. It just shocks me to see South Florida ranked SIXTH in the AP poll and KENTUCKY ranked EIGHTH!!!!! What is the world coming to? Mike keeps saying "Parity. I love it" over and over and over. It definitely looks like an odd football season. The family was happy over all this weekend though. Tennessee didn't play so they couldn't piss me off by losing. Auburn beat Florida. Georgia beat Ole Miss. Miss State lost to South Carolina, but my Dad was happy enough since Ole Miss lost. :) I almost hope that Tennessee loses all of the remaining games so that we can get a new coach. Sorry Fulmer. I have loved you for years, but we need new blood. Check out the firefulmer blog. I am scared that someone the Vols will do well for the rest of the season and we will be stuck. However, I want to see them win, so I am torn. Ahhh....the religion of football. Nothing like the SEC baby...

I now know that God is very smart. To know this, you only have to be around kittens for a weekend. They are SO adorable with those little sweet eyes looking at you. Their tiny little ribs shake gently while they purr. They curl up on your lap one minute, and they play in the cutest way the next minute. They look so cute as they arch their backs and play with a string. Yes, God is smart as he makes creatures so cute so people just can't resist taking them in. Of course, cats are nice too, but they are never as much fun as a kitten. :) Of course, if you look around, most animals are like that, and you can argue that people are too. :)

The kids had a good time this weekend. I went with the kids to see The Game Plan movie. It was very cute. I was in pain for the second half of the movie, so it was about an hour too long for me. However, it was very cute. I keep thinking that I have seen another movie that has the same basic plot before (little girl sneaks to another city while her mom is on a trip abroad so that she can find her biological father). The kids loved it. Michael said it was a "Must See Movie." Katie has also joined the blogosphere. Morgan is still writing in hers (check it out to see cute kitten pictures. I am so excited as it seems I find out about a new friend's blog every day! If you tell me about them, I will add them to my links section.

Unfortunately, I have a fever, so I guess I will have to suck it up and go to a doctor tomorrow. Not sure if it is kidney related or cough related...ick...Tuesday, Morgan and I go to the dentist. I hope I don't have to cancel as I have rescheduled too many times. I think the hygenist might hunt me down if we cancel again.

I haven't updated the stats in a while. It seems like the life saved part is creepy crawly slow. Come on, only 10 days?? It seems like when I was smoking, everything said I was killing myself much faster than 10 days after 4 months!!!

Amy - smoke free for Three Months, Twenty Eight Days, 8 Hours and 7 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 10 Days, by avoiding the use of 2888 cigs that would have cost me $493.42.

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