Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Mike and Michael!

As birthday season progresses, Mike had a birthday today and my step-son Michael had a birthday today. Michael is now in the double-digits, and Mike is 4 and a half decades old as the kids keep telling him. He got the royal McFall treatment from "his favorite brother-in-law." A birthday just isn't complete until you hear Mikeo sing happy birthday. Mike and I were trying to picture him hiding behind his closed office door while singing. Too funny :)

We all went to Sam Seltzer's for dinner (Michael's pick). Kids eat free, so that was nice. Mike ordered Ribs and Wings for an appetizer, and Katie ate half of the wings and Morgan and I ate half of the ribs. Poor Mike. Katie and Morgan both had the kid's prime rib. I don't think either one of them had gotten it before, and they were initially mortified by the "sauce." After learning it was au jus, they liked that "juice stuff." Michael got a huge steak, and I think he was happy. Mike seemed to enjoy his Prime Rib also.

We had a great time at work today laughing about the Misys shirts. Unfortunately, the James Bond image was copyrighted, so that part had to go. :( The shirts have been ordered though and should make it for the reunion. :) As I am trying to explain the Misys shirts to Mike (he is not quite getting the humor), he reminds me of the "commercial" he recorded when Medic was trying to come up with a new name for its Practice Management software. There was a naming contest. Of course, Mike's "commercial" wasn't PC, so it was never submitted. .

I am still perplexed at the fact that not much buzz is going around after the Misys-iMedica announcement. I thought it would be a pretty interesting news story in the the industry, but after a quick burst of attention when announced, it seems to be getting little to no attention now. Is that because people are just tired of the Misys drama? Is it because people don't think it is very exciting? Will this become an industry trend? What does the market think about one company reselling another company's product? How will Misys compete with iMedica? Will it be easy for other vendors to sell against the combo? I would be intereted in your thoughts.

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