Thursday, September 13, 2007

Waiting is HARD

We have been waiting on MRI results from Tower Diagnostic for 6 LONG days. Each day, the physician who ordered it has called Tower (well since Monday) trying to get the results. Each day, they are told that it isn't transcribed yet and to try tomorrow. Well, today, I decided enough was enough. I called Tower, and they said to call back tomorrow. I asked for a manager or physician. She grunted and put me on hold. When she comes back, she is MUCH nicer and is apologizing left and right. So, it turns out that they sent the study to the warehouse without ever reading it. OOPS. Imagine how bad that could have been in so many cases (appendicitis for example). She calls me back three times in the next 45 minutes before they close to let me know that she is working on it. The last call informs me that it will be read tonight and dictated tonight. So, we should FINALLY get the results tomorrow morning.

The physician who ordered the test does not have an EMR yet, but they just merged with another group who already has one. Even though the office seems to be well run, you could imagine the panic as they thought the report was sent to the wrong person or the paper was missing. One day....

Today found 3 showstopper issues targeted to the release. It looks like it probably won't ship until Tuesday or Wednesday. Hopefully, the extra testing and fixing will be worth the wait. It is amazing to me how much development is turned out a year at Bond.

Of course, Morgan waits until 8:30 to tell me that she 1. forgot her planner with her vocab words in it and 2. She has to turn in work for the vocabulary words tomorrow. LOVELY. Of course, being the patient and tolerant mother that I am, I calmly (and in a very quiet voice) told her to call one of her friends to write them down. It is hysterical listening to her on the phone? She doesn't know the words so it is funny to hear, b? t? v? d?

Industry Fodder
Can't believe this article in the St Pete Times. Someone is not good at proofing...Although there are easier words to spell.

Sun and Microsoft becoming friends? As Bond and Sun have a partnership, I find it interesting.

(Ok, this isn't really industry fodder unless you travel) Have you heard of You can email your Southwest itinerary to them. Then, they automatically check you in 24 hours prior to your flight. No more worrying if you will get an A (well, until everyone uses this site I guess).

I am too tired to post any more. I need to get some sleep so I can be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the reunion tomorrow. Who is ready for a drink? (Hint - I AM!)

HELLO! Comments please! GO VOLS! Looks like my VOls are 7.5 point underdogs. I think they do well as the underdog though. I will never forget being 18 point underdogs in 2001 when we won at the Swamp. All you could hear after the game from the Vol fans was 18 points! 18 Points!

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