Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Atlanta for Orientation

I have been in Atlanta for the past three days for employee orientation. I have to say that it is nice to go through an event like that. It truly makes you feel part of a company and helps you know where to go. The HR staff did a great job of putting it together. We had people bingo which I won (you had to be loud and talk to people - my kind of game!). Of course, we had a few nights of social activities as well. :) It was a mini reunion of sorts, and it was great to see people from out of town. I even saw an ex-Misys person I knew there!

We stayed at the Westin, and it was nice. The only thing I have against Westin hotels is that they don't have drink machines. They do have the mini bar, but you have to get a key (annoying), it costs more (duh), and there are limited numbers of each item (seriousy, two diet cokes for three days??? can't you fill it at least?). Otherwise, the meeting space and food were great.

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