Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Saddened by Election But Will Support Him

One thing I can't stand about the democrats over the last 8 years is that they constantly tried to cause trouble for Bush and other Republicans. Bush certainly didn't do all the right things, but he certainly didn't do all the wrong ones either.

I do not want to be that way, and I hope that Republicans will not do it either. I certainly was not for Obama, and I have not quite accepted that he has been elected. However, I believe in America's system and in the voice of the people. America has elected Obama, and I wish him the very best as that means the best for our country. I hope that everyone can do whatever they need to do to get past it and pull together for the good of the country.

Morgan came home from school saying that "Obama is going to make the school day longer for 4 of the days and then we won't have school on one day." I am not sure where she is getting this, but it is all over her school. She was very worried because her mom works. She also said many kids were saying something bad would happen to Obama. I certainly hope that is not the case, and I can't even understand why 10 year olds are talking about that. Whoever is sending this stuff to school with their kids should be ashamed.

At least my county voted for McCain, so I did my part. :)

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