Sunday, November 23, 2008

Miami Again

Today, I flew to Miami again on the little itty bitty Continental plane. I am starting to like this flight. It was smooth again, and I slept most of the way. I am reading Nelson Demille's Gatehouse, and it is really good.

I stayed at a Crowne Plaza. I checked in, and I wandered around to my room. It was many buildings and it was quite odd. I got to my building and to my room. The room was huge!!! Morgan could have done back handsprings if she were there.

I go to get a drink. No machines. Only a mini bar. Oh look, you have to have a key. I call the front desk, and they confirm. I walk all the way back to the front desk and get a key. I get my diet coke. All is right with the world. Then, I go to hook up to the internet. Awww wireless. I call the desk, and they confirm that it is wired and you have to get a cable from the front desk. For the love of GOD! Do they not think that people want internet in this day and age? Are people not thirsty? Couldn't they ask this information when I checked in? I get the cable, and all is right with the world again. :)

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