Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Leaving for Thanksgiving???

So, I struggle with the stupid pain this morning, and I go to the doctor near my house. They are nice and get me into a CT scan. Of course, by this time, Morgan is getting off the bus and I am supposed to be going to get the kids. Poor Morgan got home before I did, and she didn't see my messages on her phone before she got home. I was racing home, and she was fine before I got there.

We went to the CT place where they rushed me into the CT (it was after hours and they were super great). I go to get the kids, and the doc calls and says I have two stones. Lovely. I get the kids, and Mike is landing around the same time. Mark comes and drives my car so that we can still go to Hilton Head. Thanks Mark! We didn't make it there until 3:00 am, but we made it.

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