Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today, I was working on demo prep for a large demo we are working on. It was amazing to watch all of the pieces come together.

Morgan had cheer, and I got to catch up with some of the moms. I have been traveling so much that it has been crazy. Morgan's team seems to be doing well. It is amazing to watch them gel over the practices. They do some pretty hard stuff, and they work really hard. Their first competition was cancelled, so they don't have one until December now.

If you ask my brothers, today is the day that I should have been born. Mike was born on 9/9, and Mark was born on 10/10. Of course, if I had just gone along, I would have been born on 11/11. Of course, I have to be different so I doubled it. Two brothers. Multiplied by 2. It works. :)

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