Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fantastic Saturday

Today was a great day. We slept in, and Morgan made us peanut butter cookies first thing this morning. :) She is definitely my daughter. :) We watched College Gameday (even though I do not officially acknowledge that football season is going on), and we watched most of the Kentucky-UGA game. Of course, Tennessee is SO pitiful that they lost to WYOMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable. I am not sure why Fulmer is even finishing the year coaching at this point, but I guess it doesn't really matter with a record of 3 - 7. What's another loss?

Then, we went to furniture shopping. We have needed a new couch for over 2 years. We finally got one today (well, we paid for it but won't get it until Wed). WOOO HOOOOO! I am so excited. We decided on a 4 person couch. We currently have a recliner and a massage chair to make 6 total seats. Until now, we have only had 5 (makes it hard when you have 6 people in the family). So, we are excited to have a seat for everyone now without squeezing 4 people on the couch. :)
I pretended to back up when Mark was standing behind the car. He then was slinking through the parking lot pretending like I was going to hit him. It was so hysterical that I was crying through my laughter.
After shopping, we went to Macaroni Grill for dinner. We watched Iowa play football in the freezing cold, and I was so tickled to see people dressed in all of those cold weather clothes. Love Florida. It is 63 here tonight, and that is chilly for us. :)
I had my 9 year old (Mike) and my 10 year old (Morgan) picking on each other the WHOLE way home. Morgan was copying everything Mike said on the phone when he was talking to the kids, so then Mike started picking on her back. Then, when I was trying to talk to my mom, he started copying everything I said. Man!
It was nice to spend time with the fam without baseball, cheer, work, or anything!

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  1. Hey Amy:

    It looks like you use your blog for the same thing I use mine for most of the time, which is reporting on life in our household. It's a good way family and friends can check in and see what you are up to. I can't believe Morgan is so big, but then when I met her five years ago she was Sarah's age.

    As you would expect, we're busy as bees too, which is good in my book.