Friday, November 21, 2008

Birthday Lunch Early

Today was a rare day. Tony came to lunch! We went to Vallartas (Mike's favorite restaurant but he wasn't there) for lunch. It was great to have lunch with the gang and to be in the office for a bit. After work, we went to Friday's for a quick birthday happy hour. I played the part of Travis though and spend more time on the phone than I did visiting with people. Of course, it was Travis who had me on the phone for a chunk of the time! Mike was also calling, and I got crabby and told them to let me enjoy my happy hour! Sorry Mike!

After Friday's, I went to Chuck E Cheese with Morgan, Alexis, Kylie, Mara, and Mara's mom. It was hysterical to watch her mom get so into the tickets. Apparently, they have been saving tickets for over a year to get to 10,000 to redeem them for a pinball machine. They are at 9,600 (well they were before we went). The kids (and Mara's mom) had fun, and Mara and I had a good time talking. Mike then surprised us by showing up (he said he wasn't coming). We had a great time visiting. Reminded me of when Heather, Ashley, Brittany, Morgan, and I used to go to Chuck E Cheese every week when the girls were little in Nashville.

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